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  1. T

    Add Another climate zone

    I have a 2008 Caprice with 2 climate zones. It's very hot where I live and I feel like the rear doesn't get enough cold air at all. Is there any way I can mod the system to have another zone? I am aware that some of the Caprice has 3 climate zones.
  2. W

    VX/VU Climate Control Conversion

    Hey guys, So I have a friend who is stripping his VX Berlina wagon and I was wondering if it would be easy to swap his climate control unit into my VU ute to replace the standard AC. Also how would I do this best?? Cheers Julian
  3. M

    Dual zone climate control not working

    Hi all, have searched everywhere but to no avail My '04 avalanche's climate control won't turn on, have checked all fuses under the dash and in engine bay are all good, and today I swapped out the controller with a new one but still no good. Someone had stolen the binnacle gauges and cut...
  4. D

    weird heater problems VT Commodore

    a while ago my climate control stopped working so i tested everythin, heater fan itself works fine... Resistors all good... Relays and fuses all good to... But it dosnt work at all when its on nothing on any speeds, I bridged one of the relays ('blower relay' closest to the steering wheel) and...
  5. N

    vs climate control keeps turning on and off

    Ok about 2 weeks ago i turned my aircon on and it just keeps turning on and off every few seconds (on for about 5 seconds of for the same) does anyone know what could be the problem and how to fix it? thanks