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  1. D

    rear door lock clips - where to find, and what size

    since i bought it 7 month ago, the central locking in my wh works fine, apart from the rear right door. Actuator sounds good, so i pulled the door card off to find that the control arm that runs the lock/unlock to the door lock itself is just missing the top plastic clip that connects it to the...
  2. FXST01

    Found this under the Astra

    Bear with me, I changed the oil and filter and then did the cabin filter in a 2005 TS Astra (5 speed). Later this afternoon I swept the driveway and maybe an hour later decided to move Astra off the front lawn onto the Driveway. Once on the driveway I decided to have a gander underneath and see...
  3. N

    Rear seat clips, where to find?

    Hey all, so a while ago I was putting my rear seats back in my car and they wouldn't sit right, so genius me thought it'd be a good idea to plant my ass onto the seat to line it back in place. I ended up breaking one of the two plastic clip things that hold the seat to the chassis. I've decided...
  4. Holden vz

    Front Bumper Clip

    Hi Guys, Just notice that my front bumper is hanging off a little on the left side between the guard , I tried to punch it back in place but it wont clip back on, anyone know how to fix it or would I need to replace the clip? if so where would I get the clip from?, and how do I put it on the car?
  5. D

    VH Commodore Roof Reveal (roof moulds) clips

    Hi all, does anyone know where you can get the push in clips with the 4 prongs on them that splay out which are used for the side rear roof reveal moulds? Basically the pin on the mould pushes into these clips that go into the hole on the pillar skin. I have tried genuine, none available...
  6. Elliottrn

    Spanner to Remove Manual Window Crank

    I need to pull the inside of my car (95 vs (I imagine it would be the same on a lot of different models)) doors apart so as I can get to speakers in the front doors and I also want to greese up some parts of the mechanism that winds the windows up on all doors and I just needed to know a good...