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  1. Shaneeex

    VE ClockSpring Replacement Thread

    Righto Lads this thread is aimed at guiding you to replace your own clockspring. This was done on my VE SERIES 2 which had a damaged clockspring causing the steering wheel controls to malfunction while turning the wheel. I managed to bag a second hand clockspring from a wreckers for $100. To...
  2. Hancock5158

    Fitting SRS steering wheel on non-airbag VS. (+ turn signal cancel fix)

    Good evening. I just got done fitting a genuine HSV leather steering wheel out of a VS Clubsport into my non-airbag series III VS ute. Couldnt find much info on the matter before i started so once it began looking like it might actually work i decided to snap a cuttla pictures before i put it...
  3. VesperZ

    Illumination for audio buttons on steering wheel

    Hey guys just a quick one, in order to illuminate the audio buttons on the steering wheel do I just have to replace my clockspring to a Calais clockspring or are there are parts involved?