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  1. Burning rubber

    VX Equipe water in oil

    Hi all I have just bought a VX S Pack Holden By Design with presume totaled motor. Thing is infact its fine just water in the oil, it was thought to be a head gasket but how would water get in the oil if it was a head gasket? Is it more likey to be a manifold gasket? And is there a way to check...
  2. RedVrclubby


  3. Ddridan

    My VZ R8 Clubby build

    Just thought I'd show my VZ R8 build to you all, after seeing some damn nice cars on here. I picked up my clubby in August 2015 in Melbourne, then drove it back to Darwin in 4 days. when I bought it was cammed, shaved heads and exhaust, making a touch over 300rwkw. after enjoying it for a few...
  4. JakeysVT

    My 6.8L VT Clubby

    My Clubby has come a long way since i first bought it as a bog stocker 5.7L with its catback but it now has : Engine : 6.8L Stroker Engine with manley 408 crank and oversize pistons 11.0:1 Compression Ratio 1.81 ration Howards Roller Rockers, Hardened Pushrods, Howards TieBar...
  5. amos_executive

    HSV Z Series Clubsport R8

    Looking at trading my 2005 VZ Commodore Executive for a 2006 Z series Clubby R8. The cars going for $33,000 comes with OTR cold air intake, full di filippo stainless exhaust system, custom mafless tune, sunroof and roof mounted dvd for the rear passengers and the car has 80,000 kms on the taco...
  6. L

    [VIC] Vy Clubsport Body Kit Suit VT Commodore

    ITEM: Vy Clubsport Body Kit Suit VT Commodore LOCATION: Geelong,VIC CONDITION: New in grey primer PRICE: On eBAy Item #150380336855 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Free delivery to Geelong, otherwise its pick-up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, PayPal, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS...