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clubsport r8

  1. G

    Need a 2011 VE Clubsport Black Edition Part Number

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it online. Does anyone know the part numbers for the 2011 VE Clubsport Black Edition: Bonnet Scoops Fender Vents Black Badge Set (or individual) Boot/Spoiler? Example parts...
  2. R

    2015 HSV Clubsport R8 Gen F or 2016 SSV Redline

    So I am looking to upgrade, and with all the EOFY sales, pricing is a little more right for me. I have LOVED the VF SSV Redline since it came out to me (my opinion only) it is the last of the true Commodore Aussie V8's. BUT, I went to the dealers the other day and they have a 2015...
  3. C

    normal VE series 1 bootlid spoiler fit a Clubsport Series 1 VE (20080?

    Very new here, so im really sorry if this has been asked in the past. As the title says, im just wondering if a bootlip spoiler of a series 1 VE (SS,SV6 etc) would fit on a R8 Clubsport Series 1. Thanks alot!
  4. S

    HSV Advice

    Hey Guys, Im new to the just commodore forum and I'm just after some advice. Im thinking about buying a HSV GTS or Clubsport 2007 year onwards with a budget of about $32 k. What are the cost involved with owning the car i.e: Service, Tyres, Petrol, Expenses etc. and what should I be looking...
  5. S

    VX Clubsport R8 My new baby

    Specs: VX Clubsport R8 V8 5.7L 116, 0XXkms Auto Storm Blue Current Mods: Pure Stock Ambitions: Exterior -LEDs under glow (green, to match interior glow lights (also green)) -fix front right fender (seems loose, maybe a broken clip/pin) -Respray (some of the paint has been warn and...
  6. VRSS

    Corey's VX Clubsport R8. Manual, coulsons, sunroof, 20's

    Hey guys just picked up my new car. Bit of an upgrade from the old VS Stato and i'm heaps happy with it!! Found it on the net and was speaking to the owner for about a week, left work at lunchtime yesterday, hopped a plane to melbourne and drove it home to adelaide last night, got home at 1am...
  7. H

    STRETCH LIMO - HSV E Series Clubsport R8!

    Just thought I'd share the progress of the build of our 'HSV Limousines' Clubsport limo. Based in Sydney and due for completion at Christmas. - Seats 8 in the back (leather HSV-style sports seats) - Full in-car entertainment system with audio, lighting and twin LCD TVs More photos to...
  8. amos_executive

    HSV Z Series Clubsport R8

    Looking at trading my 2005 VZ Commodore Executive for a 2006 Z series Clubby R8. The cars going for $33,000 comes with OTR cold air intake, full di filippo stainless exhaust system, custom mafless tune, sunroof and roof mounted dvd for the rear passengers and the car has 80,000 kms on the taco...