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clubsport ve ssv

  1. X

    can i take the running gear bodykit and seats out of a ve gts and put it on my vt

    i just brought a written off ve gts and want to know if i can put the bodykit , seats and running gear in my vt clubbie or should i just buy a ve
  2. X

    Will a ve gts body fit a vt cluby

    i just want to find out if a ve gts body kit will fit a vt clubby and if not what other model will
  3. HSV V8

    Vz club sport or ve ss...

    Right guys and girls after more saving of funds and trying to find the right car for me, I have nailed it down to 2 today.. One is a vz 2006 clubsport in bright yellow done 69k got exhaust and air filter thats it. Second one is 2007 ve ssv std except for leather interior bright orange and...