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  1. MiKExAUS

    Faulty drive axle/shaft

    Hi guys, Recently I replaced both drive axles with aftermarket (GSP). The original one's had 191k kms on them and were a bit loose... After 60km of driving (not 60,000) one of these new ones (or both) have started to click/clunk... Has anyone had a similar experience? I just think it is an...
  2. Robbo77

    Unknown Issue causing shudder and vibration

    TL,DR shudder/vibration under car when it feels like it Clunk when driving off at times "Helicopter" sound from rear of car Mechanic reckons no loose or obvious wear from inspection Diff oil was low when he serviced it Sorry for the long post guys just wanted to get as much info in as possible...
  3. K

    The infamous front end 'clunk'.

    hey guys. I recently read a thread from a member concerning the 'clunk' being a simple tightening of 4 nuts on the braces between the firewall and engine. EVERYTHING about the symptoms is exactly the same in mine. except.... His car was a VT. Mine is a VE SV6. Has anyone found the mysterious...
  4. J

    Front end clunking noises.

    So it started around 2-3 months ago when I had come back from work and started driving my car out of the car park. Upon going over a speed bump in the carpark I could hear this clunking noise emitting from the front left wheel arch. For the entirety of the drive home, any mediocre bump would...
  5. MiKExAUS

    4sp auto trans mated to ls1 enquiry

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the topic. Cruising in "D" at low speed - maybe 60/70 light throttle ...start going up a small hill, auto feels like it shifts down slightly (revs increase) but then if I put the selector into "3" the revs go up even more - so it's like it...
  6. BadJesse

    Clunk of death - Feedback needed.

    Hello just trying to get some feedback, the clunk. Vt commodore 98 manual t5, engine mounts were worn to the point that my sump was on the cross member "apparently" in roadworthy, mechanic replaced them and since then this clunk has developed, i also kinda span the wheels one night in a heated...
  7. K

    3 bad sounds on my VX, have a listen, what are they?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can confirm what these noises are and what needs doing to remedy/repair? Car is a 2002 VX Series 2 Executive Auto. Cheers. Links changed. chatter.mp3 Happens when accelerating, only really noticeable in first gear. shudder.mp3 Happens when counter steering at...
  8. 9

    problems with everything, wheres the matches

    hey allen here cars heading in to the 575,000k mark look im having some problems just want some sympathy and maybe advice got a clunk on the front end passenger side. started out just when braking, now i get it hiting the ramps, potholes on the and ocationaly tugging the steering...
  9. DeadlySphinx

    05 VZ clunk from rear left. Annoying as all hell.

    Hey guys, (Please excuse the long post, tried to include as much information as I could think of). Have had my 05 VZ Exec for a little over 2 weeks, and about a week ago it developed a clunking sound from the rear left when going over ANY bumps, at any speed up to about 90kms (any faster and...
  10. T

    New SS Ute 'Clunky' Clutch?

    Hi guys, Just purchased myself a new 2010 VE SS Manual Ute. Ive recently noticed the clutch makes a clunk noise on release. The noise seems to be coming from under the hood. Im not sure if all this is just how the SS clutch is or something wrong. I can even put it in neutral and push the clutch...
  11. A

    Steering clunk

    There is a clunking sound coming from the front end somewhere when I turn the car at slow to medium speeds. I've recently had the front struts replaced and also changed the sway bar link pins. I've bought new engine mounts which I plan on installing this week-end. Not sure if that will fix the...
  12. Longy188

    VZ SV6 Manual Clunk Occasionally On Take Off

    any one have any suggestions what may be the issue with my SV6?? well here is the problem every now and then reguardless of how you take your foot off the clutch or the amount of accelerator there is a clunk sound and also the "Low Traction" indication come up on the dash screen. now it doesnt...
  13. S

    Diff/CV Shaft? clunks/thuds when slowly accelerating

    Hey guys, i have a hsv clubsport VYII R8, When i slowly take off there is a thud from the right hand side back wheel, I was told it is most likely a cv shaft? There are a few threads around with people having clunking issues when coming to a stop or changing gears, my car does seems to be...
  14. MovieDude

    Clunk into R from cold on incline

    My car is parked on an incline and when I start from cold and shift into R I get a rather loud clunk from the transmission. Service told me that this is normal if the car is on an incline. They took it in and greased some joints (?) but it still exhibits the same problem. Has anyone had this...