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  1. L

    Extra connector plugs each side of engine

    Can anyone please tell me what these are for and where they go?? 1x each side of engine MY05 6cyl auto
  2. L

    VE series 2 cluster wiring help

    Hi all, im just putting in an aftermarket tacho/rpm meter in and wondering what wire I take from the dash for the gauge. There's 13 wires that come into the dash cluster. TIA VE SERIES 2 2012 SV6 UTE. Couldn't find a diagram online
  3. E

    VY Cluster LED & LCD Removal

    Hey All, Have bought a new cluster as parts of mine have fried (Gotta love the LCD black ring of death)... I have got plenty of experience with soldering etc, but am having trouble removing the LCD's and LED screens at the solder points on my cluster to be changed over. Has anyone had much...
  4. Z31na

    Captured speed trip computer screen

    Its been bugging me for months now. I have an ex police vf. On The trip computer is a "captured speed" screen. Except reseting it to zero 5 minutes after I bought the car no amount of button presses on the trip computer buttons does anything to change this screen. Having this screen enabled...
  5. T

    Upgrading to level 2 cluster in VP

    went to upgrade my cluster today in VP vacationer and I had a VN lvl 2 cluster, after plugging it didn't work! Do I need a VP lvl 2 cluster?

    Making a custom cluster for a vk

    Hey guys iv got a 84 vk 308 with a bit of work done to it and im wanting to make a custom cluster for it has anyone done this on here and have any tips? Or suggestions. My odometer stopped 81k can you get electronic ones to keep track of what your doing or just forget about the ks? Cheers
  7. N

    Need help with VY Executive Instrument Cluster.

    So, long story short... I attempted the dash light mod on the cluster, changing out the green LEDs for blue ones. I managed to pull this off successfully, with the exception of the cluster resetting all its programming. Everything was working fine last night, but I've gone to drive off this...
  8. Wickham_1995

    VC Wiring Question

    ive just wired up my motor on the vc, has a blue 202 with tirmatic. everything is plugged in except one pink/tan wire that comes from the loom into the engine bay and is in the same plastic as the anti dieseling solenoid but i don't know where it actually connects up to. i know it is power for...
  9. A

    VF Instrument Cluster Reprogram

    Hey All; I know of a guy down in Victoria that can reprogram the VF cluster. Ie: SSV into SS. But does anyone know of someone that can do it in NSW...?
  10. danielnitschke

    Broken Thermostat?

    Hey Guys, My VX Acclaim 2002 Series II has been doing something that worried me at first. Was randomly driving and got the beeping frantically and 'hot!!!' on the dashboard display, looked at the thermo gauge and it was just below the redline level. Pulled over and turned the car off...
  11. M

    How to change Cluster colour

    Hi guys I have a 2008 Ve Ssv can someone please help me. I'm over the orange dash cluster and I want to change it to something different what are my options.
  12. L

    Vn Calais Lcd Dash lights not working?????

    Hey guys new to forum! I have a VN Calais and the 3 window LCD screens don't light up properly! the left one doesn't light up at all, half of the middle one and all of the right one but very dim. there is no bleeds and all the info is there just not lighting up!! How do i fix it? do i need a new...
  13. L

    Vt alternator warning light not working

    What can cause the red battery symbol not to light up on the dash? Its not coming on during start up or when grounding the wire going to the alternator. (Already checked the bulb.)
  14. Cappa1995

    VZ Calais binnacle fitment (VZ R8 Binnacle pod)

    Hey guys, I know this has probably been asked a few times, but all I have found have been in regards to wiring the gauges in. I would like to know whether the binnacle pod is a direct fitment to my dash (I do have CC, and the flip top compartment). If anyone could help me, and provide...
  15. K

    Need a level 3 patch loom!

    So lads, this is my first thread, and I didn't want it to be, I've been looking for a relevant thread for months. Anyway, the level 2 dash in my VR Executive has had broken contact points for as long as I've had it. So obviously, no fuel or water temp without a solid whack on the dash. I'm over...
  16. B

    VX V6 Electrical Problems

    While driving the other day my whole instrument cluster went dead. All needles dropped down to nothing for about 30 good seconds. Also during that time my abs light would come on and my stereo would start to go scratchy then cut out. Car was still driving fine, the odometer was still on and...
  17. B

    [Other] WTB: VXR8 Speedo/Gauge Cluster

    ITEM: VXR8 Speedo/Gauge Cluster Hello, I realize that the VXR8 is not sold in Aus but I'm hoping someone may have or have information leading to a VXR8 gauge cluster that I may purchase for my project G8 (VE) . I'm looking to take advantage of the newer series having 3 information windows...
  18. L

    vt calais tacho problem

    I got a vt calais with a vz ls1. I just bought the car and on my first drive i realised that the tacho is showing a fraction of the actual rpm, at idle the needle is at 200 rpm. when i floor it its showing 2500 rpm before changing gears. Engine is running perfectly, everything else on the...
  19. V

    Upgrade cluster in VS UTE!

    Hello everyone me again.. i am buying a vs manual ute in a week and a half, now looking through the photo's i have seen that it has a level 1 cluster and i don't like not being able to see what engine rpm my car will be doing,i am not heaps car smart but will definitely know when to shift, but...
  20. S

    Cluster/dash LED upgrade

    been looking around for new cluster/dash lights for my vx commodore, i recently just jumped on ebay and bought some cluster led's to see how they went assuming led's are brighter than incandescent usually i just grabbed the cheapest and most promising ended up grabbing some T5 globes with a...
  21. C

    Cluster calibration

    Hi. I have recently replaced my cluster to a VZ S cluster and have a few questions in that regards. I got the awesome SRS Airbag fault which is not too much of a concern. But what really annoys me is, that at 110 km/h it shows 118 km/h. (The old one would show 114 km/h) Can the cluster...
  22. A

    3 dead odometers but speedo is OK

    Odometer stopped a few weeks ago. I got an instrument cluster from wreckers, and swapped it, but no workee. The speedo worked on both clusters. So I complained to the wrecker, but he responded that they check everything before putting it on the shelf. Well I don't know how they could check...
  23. W

    VT/VX Cluster Pins

    G'day, Anyone know which pins on the back of a vt/vx cluster need wiring up to power it up while out of the car? As well as get the back lights to come on. Cheers!
  24. P

    Vy dash and cluster conversion to vt commodore, please help!!

    Ok, i have spent hours searching posts regarding the conversion of a complete vy dash, cluster, console, steering wheel to my vt commodore executive sedan but am getting different answers on basically all of them. I just want to know if i have everything needed to complete the task, i have...
  25. V

    VT/VX Dials

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any custom sorta dials in a VT or VX? Wondering if anyone has any of these kind of ones? And why not chuck yours in if you have different coloured LED's or anything. Show us what ya got!
  26. derjizm

    EOI: Custom VL Clusters [POLL]

    Hi all, not sure how many VL users use this site compared to others, but I'll post this here for now. I'm looking at possibly customising VL instrument clusters by adding a small LCD Screen with battery voltage, speed, trip meter and odometer. I'm still working on it, but If I can get it...
  27. C

    Vs s3 statesman dash in to my vs s2 berlina

    Anyone know if my glove box, radio surround thing and fuse cover will work with a statesman dash? Is it a basic swap over? and i replaced the globes in my cluster, and now its whipped my ODO? ideas on how to fix it? Thanks, Clinton.
  28. jayden.2.2

    VE Interior lighting change

    Hey all, Just wondering exactly what type of SMD LEDs I need to change the interior illumination of my 07 VE Berlina. Is there a specific Milliamp rating? are they just 12v? Cheers in advance!
  29. V

    VR/VS Calais Dash in Executive

    Hey Guys, Just wondering for a mate. He's got a V6 Executive with the police pack dash cluster and wants to know if he can put the Calais dash cluster in it. If so, is this hard? Can you calibrate them to match the mileage of your car and if you can, can it be done at an auto electrician...
  30. Crackpot

    New cluster missing functions!!

    Hey all. I tried searching for missing computer functions but it all came up with after market H/U installations. Now I do have an aftermarket stereo, but my old cluster retained all functions (except for stereo functions, of course). Now I got a Berlina cluster programmed and installed and it...
  31. Paul_grima

    Level 3 Cluster Issue (VT executive)

    Hey guys i've got an issue with my level 3 cluster. I have swapped my level 2 executive cluster with a level 3 cluster from a calais. Everything is working fine but when the car (ignition) is turned off, the kms arent displayed properly it says "serv" ("Service") in (middle window) and a...
  32. M

    LED dash conversion need help

    Hey guys, Iv recently bought a 2000 vt wagon, and wanna do some nice interior mods on it. The thing I need help with is that I'd like to put LEDs in my dash and cluster as some of the bulbs have blown. I don't know where I can buy LEDs that fit, or what to ask for if I go to auto barn. If...
  33. M

    new cluster fuel guage not working

    Hey guys. I bought an S pac Cluster for my Equipe. my old cluster used to show my LPG fuel reading but my new cluster does not show it. how can i get my new cluster to show my LPG reading?
  34. D

    Vx cluster help!!

    Hey guys i have a vx Series 2 and i an doing a vy conversion, basically i was rewiring the cluster to suit a vy and i had to much troubles, rev's speedo ect wouldn't work. Soo ive decided to stick with the vx cluster but now wired everything back to standard and my k's dont come up the 3 windows...
  35. Jimmy_d_jr

    Cluster Odometer Programming

    hi guys, so ive searched around and from what i initally knew and from what ive just read. im a little confused. i read that if you get a cluster with under 100kms on it it can be set to anything you want where as if it was over 100 the odo could only be set upwards ie if it had 80000 on...
  36. A

    Holden 2002 VU2 ute V6 Cluster

    Hows it going, first post on this forum. Ive read as much on here and internet searches as I can but cant find the answer. I want to change my single screen cluster to a 3 screen one. I found a wh statesman cluster for $70. Will this plug and play (needing km and airbag tech 2) Is...
  37. BigBoss

    Reprogramming S1 Clusters?

    Hey All, just wondering if all S1 clusters are interchangeable with the help of a tech 2? Or is the white back vs black back still an issue? Cheers
  38. H

    wiring a vr stage 3 cluster

    can anyone tell me how or point me in the right direction 2 find a wiring diagram for hookin up the 4th plug n trip computer into a vs any help would be awesome
  39. I

    Vx cluster issue, need help

    Hey guys, parts of my cluster have stopped working, ive taken out the cluster and identified a broken copper trace on the board. just a question how to i take it apart? ive removed the needles, the face and theres some torx screws that ive removed. i cant figure out how to separate the back...
  40. K

    [VIC] FS level 3 cluster and 4th connector

    ITEM: vn/vp/vr/vs/vq level 3 cluster and 4th connector loom LOCATION: victoria northern sub's CONDITION: Used vg cond PRICE: Firm $160 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup from fawkner or local delivery greensborough area PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash on delivery only CONTACT DETAILS...