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clutch conversion

  1. C

    [QLD] Clutch ????

    Not too far away from replacing my clutch in my ute.Confused on which is the better way to go .Im not getting rid of the car hopefully for its lifetime so whats better single mass or duel mass ?.
  2. N

    2010 Camaro V6 Clutch Replacement.

    Hey guys, just looking for a 2010 Camaro V6 Clutch Replacement kit. My car has the same powertrain as the Commodore SV6 SIDI. No one over here seems to care about making an aftermarket kit, so I'm looking elsewhere. I just cant stand the stock dual mass flywheel setup anymore. Already looked...
  3. B

    VH Comodore 308 Clutch Cable to Hydraulic Conversion

    Hi, I was hoping to get some advice. I have a hit a bit of a road block with the clutch setup on my VH. Engine is setup up to run a Ford 4-speed Top Loader (I know its a Ford, but they are near bullet proof), with an Exedy race clutch setup. Throw out fork and bell housing I have is for a...