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  1. Y

    Vt tape player code?

    Hi everyone. Just bought a standard holden tape player from the wrecker for my vt. Is there an easy way to find out the 4 digit code for it? Thanks, Gus.
  2. T

    VX Berlina ls1 TPS problems?!

    First time poster guys, be gentle :P So I've gotten this car off a mate, its had some work done, heads, cam, tuned to about 270 maffless tune otr all that jazz. Now the car seems to be having a tps issue, but it happens very intermittently I could be cruising along no problems car will shift...
  3. 2006VERallySport

    Replacing radio fascia woes.

    hello, everyone and happy new year. My factory blaupunkt stereo sounds ok, but the temperature and air conditioning knobs don't work. I can regulate the fan speed, but the temp control is stuck on hot, which makes it uncomfortable on these summer days. For Christmas, my son bought me a new facia...
  4. A

    OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth fault codes

    Hi everyone, I scanned my friend's 2005 Holden Commodore using this OBD2 ELM 327 bluetooth scan tool I bought from ebay and it showed me these codes: C3700 C3F24 and I can't find what are these codes mean *note* my friend's ABS is broken so one of them is the ABS code thank you
  5. V

    ve ciggarette lighter fuse location

    Hey everyone. I've been looking for the ciggarette fuse. I searched under the glove box and found the compartment but can't seem to see which fuse is for the ciggarette lighter. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience :)
  6. M

    Transmission code for a series III VS Ute

    Hi everyone, I was wanting to know what transmission code a VS III ute (VT eco running gear) will have? Would also love it if someone here has one or knows someone who is looking to sell. I'm located in Ballarat but depending on where, I can travel. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  7. F

    Colour code help!

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could tell me if B168 is the correct colour code of the car. Trying to buy new mirrors for it, but not sure on colour code. Cheers everyone!
  8. D

    lost stereo code for vy

    i purchased a vy and it didn’t come with any information of the code can someone please help ? the BP is BP224066722648 part number is 7642240520
  9. Jaz11

    Exhaust causing engine warning light.

    Hi all. I need help. I will keep it short... For almost 12 months on and off I've been dealing with my exhaust throwing an error code and causing an engine warning light. I've had it into Holden who have replaced multiple O2 sensors but eventually found out some fuel has got into my cat and...
  10. M

    Error Code 2272 (HO2S Signal Stuck Lean Bank 2 Sensor )

    Hello, can somebody please explain to me what this all means. I was driving home yesturday from work and the check engine light came on so i took it straight to the mechanic and they pluged it into their scantool and deleted to error code "p2272" and said it will be alright.
  11. Hazard-ous

    Paint codes?

    Can anyone please tell me where I can find paint codes? Apparently it could be located on the car - cant seem to find anything online. Im looking for the codes for HAZARD.
  12. jw.pfitzner

    Urgent help needed please car stuck in orange

    hey people, ive got a problem with checking the error codes on a vt, i know how to do it bridge 5 and 6 so i did it and it came up with 83 but there is no code 83 so i went to check it again and now it wont work at all, no lights flash or anything... ive tried bridging other ways and unhooking...
  13. C

    Error Code 42, help me please...

    Got code 42 today. The thing that happens is whilst driving or just whenever the car is running, it randomly drops about 300-500revs and then recovers, like its about to stall but doesnt, the enigne light flashes for about half a second but then its gone again. I swapped the DFI module out with...
  14. Q

    VT factory codes

    G'day all, Just bought a V8 VT cheap and went to install some ICE - Came across a piece of paper under the rear carpet and it has the following options... Can anyone please tell me what they all mean? Many thanks AH6 AJ4 AQ9 A8Z C60 FE2 GU4 LB9 M34 N40 PG1 QAH VA1