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  1. L

    Vz wont start

    Hey guys just wondering if someone can help? I have a 04 vz commodore, last week it wouldnt start wouldnt even try turn over bit of help from youtube and i got it going, yesterday its done the same thing but my youtube trick didnt help, it wont even try turn just has dash lights come up tells...
  2. G

    Car's playing up. All electrics lost.

    Hey guys. For some reason my VY (Berlina V6) has got a tummy ache of some sorts. The car was running and driving fine, everything was working like normal. Out of nowhere, I get a 'Check alternator' alert and then lose all of my electrics. Dash lights, cluster, head unit, headlights (both low...
  3. Ballzup

    VH paint codes

    Hi all. I have a dark blue over silver VH SL/E and just received an email from my painter that the ID Tags aren't on the car and he needs the paint codes. I think the official names for the colours are Indigo Blue and Mercury. Does anyone have the paint codes for these colours? If you could...
  4. C

    VZ problem! New Battery, Turns over but no Fire!

    So the car would sometimes go into saftey mode while driving (only when accelerating to about 80km or higher). Then about a week later after taking it in for a service, I lost all power while trying to accelerate. I was travelling 80km and it would go no higher, foot off pedal and it dropped...

    Check Engine comes on and off intermittently

    I have a 2003 VY SS ute. The "Check Engine" warning comes on sometimes. The car seems to drive fine and has done for a week. Does this just mean the warning parameter is JUST tripping? Thankyou
  6. adam sv6

    Fault code P0660

    Have had the check engine light on for a short while now and finally got around to checking it... Used 'torque' android app to scan for faults (works veeery well actually :thumbsup:) and got this bad boy come up: P0660 Intake Manifold Tuning Valve Control Circuit/Open Bank 1 The description...
  7. J

    How to fix codes 57 & 76 on my vt Calais

    Hi there guys I have a question about my vt Calais ok I have a vt Calais on gas and petrol and I did the paper clip trick and got codes 57 ( injector power supply monitor voltage variation terminal a4 ) and 76 ( air/fuel ratio variation between left and right banks ) does anyone know what this...
  8. U

    VX commodore turns over but won't fire

    Hi, I have a 2001 vx commodore. I can drive the car everyday for weeks on end and it doesnt miss a beat. Though sometimes it starts, I drive 20 feet and it stops then it turns over but wont fire. Sometimes i can come back an hour later it will start or the next day, and it will fire and seem to...
  9. J

    07 VE Omega

    Hey guys, Got a 07 Omega and sick of the boring headunit, was thinking about getting a second hand Calais like this VE / G8 Stereo IRC Facia and Head Unit | eBay was wondering howmuch it would cost to get re coded if anyone knows, i live near Sydney. Also thinking about getting a LCD...
  10. J

    Paint Codes IDEA FOR FORUMN

    Hey guys, New to the forumn, had a bit of an idea and need a bit of help. Basically looking for everyone to chip in with posts. Ive got a car now, first one, and am gonna repaint when the time comes and found it quite difficult to find the correct code. Im suggesting everyone post a pic of...
  11. H

    [Help] Checking for errors in vn.. which wires?

    Hello, I read the guide on how to check for errors in the vn by bridging it with a paper clip.. I'm having difficulties finding which ones to bridge... i removed the kick panel to expose the metal case holding the memcal. I have no idea which ones to bridge.. is it 1 of the 2 cables plugged into...
  12. J

    vt start then stop / immobiliser issue? dead key? PLEASE HELP

    hi all ive read alot about this on as many forums as i can and ive tried it all so please i need some real help. this is what happened drove to the pub, locked the car. came out and key remote (3 button) does not open doors, so opened manually. turn ignition, car turns over and fires...
  13. J

    I am having trouble finding the paint codes for a VN Calais

    I am currently stripping my VN Calais back to bare metal ready for a complete respray and want to change the colour slightly. I have a 1989 series 1 VN calias (blue over silver) and want to change it to the series 2 colour which is a slightly darker blue over champagne. I have been told that the...
  14. B

    Gear Box code location??

    I have a VR V6 auto, reverse doesnt work any more and need to find the code on the gear box to get a second hand gear box, any one know where the code is located? cheers!
  15. G

    Can you check codes on vu ss without going to mechanic's???

    hey guys i just read on here that bridging the terminals on the computer plug on a ss doesn't display the codes because you can't check v8's. mine shows code 12 but there is definteltly an problem. cheers this is my utes problem if anyone can help...