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coil pack

  1. B

    Trouble shooting.

    Hi all, Can anyone throw their thoughts in on what my problem may be. My VX has been giving me a lot of greif lately, between trouble starting it to ruff idle, to just driving like rubbish in general at the moment. I took her into the mechanic and they replaced the crank angle sensor (seemed to...
  2. Berlina&Jag guy

    Don’t always assume timing chain!

    Thought I’d post a quick note to describe my recent engine issues- vz alloytec 3.6 with about 207,000k Was way down on power, running rough and check powertrain was coming on all the time especially if I tried to apply any force or go up a hill too quick. Fuel economy had gone off the chart...
  3. Bardy-II

    VZ Rocker Covers

    So I'm in need of some real assistance. My VZ just out of the blue started misfiring, and I sourced it to the HVAC vacuum line. Reconnected it and took it for a test drive, and the whole car was just making a large humming sound under acceleration, as well as misfiring on and off. I've removed...
  4. S

    L67 hesitate

    Hi all I own a 03 wk statesman, It’s been idling rough between 0 and 1000 revs and hesitates a lot when traveling at a 100kms and trying to push the accererator between 1000 and 2000 revs, the car also throws Check engine warning light when idling for 5 mins then goes away if I start driving...
  5. K

    Vz Running Rough

    Started my vz v6 lumina drove for a little bit, car started running very rough and misfiring. Checked all areas for vacuum leaks, there were non. One by one I disconnected the coil packs while the car was running and found that “cylinder 1” had no change when disconnected. I than swapped coil...
  6. family fix it man


    HI, guys. VS V6 3.8L WAGON I start this thread because I was almost at my wits end trying to find my misfire lack of power problem. So I have good new plugs and plug leads. I've been testing my coils with the old (remove the plug lead and see the spark jump down the side method.) Had tested up...
  7. R

    VX V6 starting issue

    G'day, looking for some thoughts on solving my current VX V6 issue... I was away on holidays and my housemate used my car. She was driving for about 10mins and says that with no warning, lost power, acceleration and just died... She call a friend and tried in vain to start it again, killed the...
  8. akarshmalikal

    Vibration and lack of power.

    Hey Mates, I Have commodore vz berlina V6. Car vibrates the start of the day and when waiting in signal light... It vibrates sometimes.. not all the time. And another issue when i am driving car at noon and when i apply full acceleration it jst makes loud sound but the speed...
  9. R

    VP Commodore, missing, chewing fuel and coil packs?

    Okay i have a 92 Vp, 3.6 auto This tank has got close to 500k on the clock, i paid next to nothing for het, but she is pristine... I have had nothing but respect for the old girl and treat it like royalty trying to make it last untill my new commodores shipped here from home NZ, SO I...
  10. C

    Engine problems

    Hi, have a 99 v6 Berlina. Having engine problems and no mechanic has a clue. Replaced the big end bearings and the lifters came loose so got them replaced after a little while. Before the lifters were done we were having power issues (no grunt) and shuddering at idle or low speeds. Was told it...
  11. C

    VY2 idle issues

    I bought a vy2 Calais at the end of last year and think I might have picked up when old mate sensed things were gonna go down hill so sold it to me. It's a 3.8sc (l67) running 10lb. As the guy before me did these following mods I don't know fact from fiction although he did show me...
  12. VS_WPN

    [VIC] 3x COIL PACKS VP - VY V6

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