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  1. robgm

    Coil retaining bolt spinning

    I was changing my coils today (177k VZ Acclaim) and when i tightened one of the new coils, the bolt just kept going around. It wouldn't tighten up fully. There's a brass threaded sleeve in the manifold for each coil. I think it must be loose and the coil bolt is spinning that. I can't get...
  2. Missytheblond

    I have a problem with the VT being sluggish :(

    Hi guys, New here, happy to be here, read a lot of good things and so on! Unfortunately I have an issue with my VT wagon. About two months ago I had new plugs and wires put on. About a month ago I had a coil fail and had to get a tow. Replaced coil, car acted fine since. (Replaced all 3...
  3. sundaydriver

    Ignition problems

    OK - here's another curly one. No spark at plugs, so worked back to the coil. With the dizzly lead off and the ignition on (so still have the dizzly looped in with + and - contact leads) - there is no voltage on the contacts (just using a multi-meter) The workshop manuals tell me there is...
  4. R

    Alloytec Random multiple misfire cyl 1,3,5,

    Hi all, I understand this is a VZ section, but was hoping someone may have a solution to my issue. My in laws car 08 Ve alloytec has came up with p0300 random misfire fault, also cylinders 1, 3, 5. RACV told them that two coils were gone and had to be replaced. So I got the job to replace...
  5. A

    Please help!! Power train error

    Hello all, new member here but not new to the site, I have gotten heaps of help from here and just want to say thanks to everyone. Anyway I have a problem I can't seem to fix, I have read about every thread on this problem but still can't fix it. Ill start from the beginning to give you all as...
  6. nalchlan

    dfi module playing up

    hey guys on Friday I must have gotten some water from QR in my dfi module, as my no. 2and 5 coil is not sparking, I have msd replacements so I checked with a stock coil, still no spark. can coils be interchanged I would like to check with a coil that I know is functioning. another question is...
  7. S

    VQ V8 Coil choice

    Hi, I am currently in the process of upgrading my VQ's electrical system and have already bought NGK semi-performance spark plugs, Top Gun Spark Leads 8mm performance, and am wondering if anyone can suggest a nice mild or high performance coil to suit. I was told by a mate that MSD coils are...
  8. VK SL 3800

    VK 202 Coil

    Was washing some oil spilt from changing my oil today and i had the engine running as intended to just give it a quick hit under the oil filter and i splashed i little bit of degreaser on my coil and the engine instantly stopped, never had a problem with coils getting wet and failing before. So...
  9. VNCalais3800

    VN Calais 3.8 Backfiring After Coil Pack Changeover

    Hi all, Recently my VN Calais S1 has started to run like it was only firing on 3 or so cylinders (dont worry it has not left the shed). I replaced the coils with champion coils they cost me $58 each at repco. I also changed the spark plugs to the iridium/fusion ones cost me $140 at Supercheap...
  10. S

    VK Ignition Problems

    Hey all, I have a VK Berlina 3.3 EFI, and for some F%#ked up reason, my car has no spark. Yes, i have checked and tested the coil. Yes, i have checked and tested the Module. I am running out of ideas.. VK ignitions are pretty simple.. yet still no luck. Any help, ANYYYTHING will be...