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cold air induction kit

  1. S

    cold air induction in Perth

    hi all was looking at getting cold air induction installed in my 08 Ve omega v6 do you know any where in perth that the price is not through the roof or somewhere i can buy one and install my self that u would highly reccomend cheers.
  2. J

    Cold air intake system, what type, what style and where to suit a V6 Vs commodore

    Hey guys Any information that can be given, doesn't have to just be my questions,general feedback and your own point of view is accepted>. No that doesn't mean belittle me for thinking of applying it to my car, im just asking for general feedback. Cheers 1997 holden commodore 1997 Vs...
  3. D

    VY SS new CAI, reset ecu/pcm???

    Hi guys, I am about to install a new cold air induction kit and I would just wondering, would it be benificial to reset the ecu and pcm???? If so how do I do it???? Thanks fellers.
  4. V

    Walkinshaw Cold Air Induction Kit Instructions and Inventory

    Just purchased a kit but did not come with inventory or instructions! Can anyone please help me out with one?
  5. All style

    How do i put a cold air induction kit in my 95 vr acclaim ??????

    I am thinking of bying a cold air induction kit for my 95 VR ACCLAIM its got to big mods ( in engien ) all i have done to it is plugs and leads k&n pannal filter, so i asked some 1 elce what i could do and he told me a cold air induction kit is the best way, from a vs so i have hade i look at a...