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cold air intake

  1. P

    VF V6 Commodore Sportwagon performance

    Hey guys so I recently brought a 2014 VF commodore Sportwagon s1 I know most people’s opinion on working a v6 but say what ya will. I’m looking at putting a cat back duel exhaust on but I know with only doing the exhaust you increase fuel consumption etc So just looking for recommendations on...
  2. J

    Cold air intake question

    does anybody have any experience with cold air intakes? i’m wanting to put an over the radiator cold air intake (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/VE-Holden-Commodore-V6-Alloytec-3-6-Orssom-OTR-Maf-Cold-Air-Intake-Kit-06-09-New/171709604132?hash=item27fab0a124:g:18wAAOSw9mFWMwSZ) in my 2008 sv6...
  3. Adrian's Vr

    VR restrictor

    So wikki says a stock vr v6 makes 130kw so i removed the restrictor in the plenum, added a cold air intake (with K&N) and sports 2.5" exhaust and it manual, adding vy injectors too. So because the forums is a good place does anyone know a rough estimate that it may make now? Maily how much kw is...
  4. MACE


    Big discounts on our original Mace Engineering products like the Manifold Insulators, Plenum Spacers, and Intake kits! Check out our range today! https://www.maceengineering.com.au/Performance-products/On-Sale
  5. J

    VE SV6 2012 Fuel Economy

    Hey all, I’ve got a Series 2 VE SV6 Wagon 2012 and it’s been pretty good on economy getting about 10.8L/100km with about 70/30 city/country driving. I’ve had a look around and a few people seem to thinking a cold air intake plus extractors is the way to go to get better fuel economy and a...
  6. M

    K sport OTR cold air intake

    Hello, wondering if anyone has experience with K SPORT VE Commodore OTR cold air intakes? they are $170 off ebay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F121421871320...
  7. R

    Growler CAI

    Haven't really been able to find any up to date discussions or reviews on the Growler cold air intake from SS Inductions. I went ahead and installed one on my 2012 VE 2 SIDI on Wednesday. $600 for the pack. (combined with a X-force 2.5" SS catback) It looks significantly better than the...
  8. Z

    [SA] WTB: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS

    ITEM: Duspeed OTR to suit 2005 VZ SS LS1 Auto.... Maf or Mafless fine. LOCATION: South Australia, Adelaide CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: Hopefully good. :-) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: prefer pick up & pay cash, but willing to pay freight if packed up carefully and the price is right...
  9. V

    Cold Air Intake Ve

    Hi I have a VE sv6 commodore Sedan 2008 Model and am looking to install a cold air intake kit, Can anyone suggest a reasonable brand? or send through some links of what may be best fitted for my car? Cheers
  10. D

    Cold air intake alternatives

    Hey guys, just need some help, I just fitted a new 56mm Adrad radiator into my vz Clubby. But now because the A/C condenser sits further forward my Duspeed OTR CAI wont fit now. So any suggestion on an alternative that actually fits with this size radiator would be awesome :)
  11. F

    Cold air intake kit and other bolt on mods advice please.

    So I saw a thread similar to this already but wanted to ask a few questions myself. I realise installing a basic cold air intake system on my 2011 VE SV6 Thunder won't turn it into a drag car but I was thinking about doing it anyway because well, I have some obsession with spending money on my...
  12. D

    restricted power to wheels? help plz

    hey guys ive just bought a VU ss ute a couple of months back but between all of my mates ive put it through hell from starting it with the battery around the wrong way to dodging up a VY 6.0 ltr pod filter on it lol, so ive just put it all back to the way it was but there seems to be this kind...
  13. capsey7

    Low cost mods for ecotec

    I'm about to place an order for a MACE 25mm Manifold Insulator and MACE CAI for my 2001 V6 VU ute. Only thing is I'm not too sure if its worth getting as the car has done nearly 400'000km, any suggestions as to if its worth it and em I just wasting my money? Its about $575, including postage...
  14. P

    D.I.Y cold air intake help

    i have a vx II s and i have just got some intake piping from a local auto shop and i am just trying to find a good place to have the piping where it's not too visible but still effective. i was thinking from the fog lamp space in the bumper where i just have a cap in atm, but i can't find a...
  15. P

    unsure about Fuel pump swap

    whats up? i've just been looking around on the internet and saw alot of videos and things where people have put a v8 fuel pump in their ecotec. was just wondering id there's any noticable gains when driving the car if i did that or if i'd need to do work to the engine? also i own a 2001 vx...
  16. C

    cold air intake vs extractors help please

    hey guys i got a 2008 ve sv6 ute manual and i need your help i have to pick either cold air intake (like growler or air hammer) or put extractors on it i have straight pipes already just wondering wit one i would benefit more from in regards to performance like acceleration n touque wise thanks...
  17. D

    *SS Cold Air Intake into a VU V6 ute*

    Okay so I just picked up a new ss v8 cai and k&n air filter for a swift hundgy and I want to try and put it in my v6 vu ute, now just by placing it over the new one it looks like some of the piping to the radiator is going to be in the way. Just wondering if anyone has done this conversion...
  18. K

    [Ecotec] Making it last!

    Hey All, This question relates to my V6 VY Executive. It has 195,000km and so far have had a good run. The Cats went about 2 months ago and had HI Flows put and thought while I'm doing that might as well do the exhaust all up $980. I want my VY to last as long as it can and was thinking about a...
  19. M

    Rim sizes and some other questions i have

    Hey guys i was just wondering whether or not i was able to put 19" rims in my 2004 sv6, im asuming i can just asking. Also i was wondering about a cold air intake?? would it be worth it to have one put on my car?? Thanks guys.
  20. jdrVZute

    VZ V6 Growler Cold Air Induction

    Hey guys. I'm looking on the net for a Growler Cold Air Induction for my ute and i got onto the SSinductions website and they have them for $600. Has anyone gotten one? Are they worth looking into? Any answers will be muchly appreciated. Cheers boys.
  21. VSV6

    Gas Conversion Question

    Hey guys, I got a Gas Conversion on my car about a month ago, I've been looking around but can't find an answer to my question so I thought I would see if you knew. If you increased the tubing size from the air filter to the gas converter would this increase performance? Or will it just be a...
  22. camstatic

    My 92 VP Exec...

    301000kms old in Sapphire blue Advance Headers "High Flow" Cat Lukey mandrel bent 2.5" system with one straight-thru muffler Rebuilt 4L60 with Stage II shift kit, corvette servo, steel pistons, UHD bands, boosted pressure DBA Silver slotted rotors w/ Ferodo Excel pads Lukey washable panel...
  23. (CODEZ)

    how to install an OTR CAI

    gday all, how would i go about installing an over the radiator cold air intake in my 92 VP V6? can the pipe from the intake go straight into the air box or do i have to cut a hole? thanks guys im just a beginner :p
  24. A


    just experimenting with the air intake on a vy commodore. would this setup work to my advantage? ive seen this on another car before. ive cut the bottom of the snorkel to let air in through the grill and into the air intake rather than trying to cram it all under the closed hood.
  25. C

    Homemade Air filter with CAI

    Hey guys, Im new to being a member here but have used your site for countless pieces of information so I thought I would join. Just bought a cold air intake from local holden dealer and have installed it, my next challenge is which air filter to buy. I was going to get a K&N but a guy form work...
  26. A

    air box mods-please respond to my question

    i am curious about the air box mods people are doing i.e. 2 hole mod and whatnot :) why do people run 2 tubes from the air box to the back of the headlight? i dont understand how cold air is supposed to reach that area and why dont people just run a hose from the original hole(where the...