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colour code

  1. djdomohudson

    [VT-VX] How To Change Your Wing Mirrors (May apply to most cars)

    G'day happy muffin top children and petrol headed nuggets :) I have coveted mirrors that match my paint code ever since I bought my car. I thought the black ones were pretty scum. So while I was out today I happened to spy one and I bought it. Yes, one, but I'll get the other soon. The guy...
  2. taylooor

    Someone colour code my VT SS body kit for me!

    Hey guys, Im after someone to colour code my VT SS body kit to white (cant remember the colour code off the top of my head but I have it) Im in south-east Melbourne, And I already have a few quotes. Someone beat these quotes and do it for me for cheap? :) Cheers!
  3. T

    how to colour code black plastic on a vt????

    ive recently got a white 99 vt commodore and I wanted to colour code the black plastic skirts and what not and I really have no idea how to do it whats the best way to do it or a good place to get it done?
  4. BigBoss

    What colour is my car??

    Hey all i'm considering this boot lip from ebay Painted Holden VE Commodore Trunk lip spoiler 4th 4D | eBay But to get the colour matched i must supply them with a "Standox colour code" where do i find this on my car?

    Painted VT boot garnish pics

    Hey guys, Looking to colour code paint my vt boot garnish, can't afford the whole vx and repaint and install and stuff. Anyone know how much that'd cost to get professionally painted? Also can someone show me some pics of there's if they have done it? thanks very much