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  1. E

    VY Cluster LED & LCD Removal

    Hey All, Have bought a new cluster as parts of mine have fried (Gotta love the LCD black ring of death)... I have got plenty of experience with soldering etc, but am having trouble removing the LCD's and LED screens at the solder points on my cluster to be changed over. Has anyone had much...
  2. R

    Colour for my VK

    Hi All This is my first post, excited to be part of the community. I purchased a Vk SL a few weeks ago from a old man in country Victoria. -Waltons Blue 134 pack -Factory numbers matching V8 -Aussie 4 speed -Original interior in excellent condition (Cerulean) -Front and rear Group A add on...
  3. ReaperTBS

    Changing Colour of VE Calais Leather Seats

    Hello again, everyone. Just curious to know whether anybody here either knows of an effective, lasting way to change the colour of the interior leather, or has done it themselves. I'm considering changing from the cream interior colour scheme to black. I've read that the top few layers may...
  4. jimzy

    VR Commodore Paint Name

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knew the name of the colour on my car? Haven't seen many around this colour, bought it recently and intend to get a respray. any help be much appreciated.
  5. F

    Colour code help!

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could tell me if B168 is the correct colour code of the car. Trying to buy new mirrors for it, but not sure on colour code. Cheers everyone!
  6. G

    VS Calais 1995 two tone bottom colour?

    Hu guys, Just interested in knowing what the bottom half of the two tone colour code is on the vs calais 1995 model. top half is masai red. Im intersted in knowing as i currently have a berlina, ive gt the foggy bezels and the fog lights as well and I need to paint the front bar beacuse its in...
  7. J

    Rim colours

    hey guys, im an 18 commodore owner who recently brought some new tyres and rims for my car. With 235 40 zr18 and the large rims, i want to respray them. A have a burgundy coloured car and would like to know peoples opinion about what colour i should proceed with. I believe blacks or chrome would...
  8. iaydemir

    Need suggestion's picking color!

    Hi Guys, Need suggestion's on what colour i should go with my VY. Its going to be a full respray, also have a sunroof that is going on. Because if the chrome trimmings etc on the outside im thinking of a Jet black, or a charcoal kind of colour but still have no idea.. Any suggestions?
  9. S

    Black/Green VT w/ Gold trim on kit... custom or factory?

    This is for my fiance's VT Exec. S2.. He's just bought it, and would like it restored to its former glory - it's gonna need new bumpers (old owner reversed into a garbage truck, front bumper clips are mostly broken) and a boot respray.. but I'm not sure on the colour... and that's something we...
  10. P

    New VR transmission, hopefully.

    - ----------
  11. RichoKidd

    How much Blue is too much Blue?!?!?

    I have a small problem. As most of you know my VT is the standard Bermuda Blue. I am looking at modifying my interior and well I'm stuck for ideas as to which colour goes with the Bermuda. Is it possible to over do it with the blue? Blue dash, Blue LED's in the cluster, Blue Footwells Blue...
  12. calais24/7

    What colour bumpers?

    What colour silver is the silver on the calais like the bumpers and on the bottom of the door, i just bought a second hand bumper cause parts of mine where cracked but it was off an executive or something and is the darker grey. What colour of silver and does anyone know where to get it? cheers