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  1. S

    VK with VL driveline Racecar project

    Gday, I have a 84 VK SL Sedan I am not far from being finished building for dirt circuit racing here in SA, and have a few teething issues just getting everything prim and proper with the steering and brakes before the engine and trans go in. Basically my question is first and foremost, directed...
  2. dah_man_ben

    Steering Wheel Vibration

    Hi. Just wanted to know if anybody knew what was going on with my VYII Berlina... Whenever I go over bumps in the road (ie. Dips, Potholes etc), the steering wheel gets a lot of vibration feedback and if you don't hold it, you can actually see it vibrate by itself. The whole column seems to...
  3. M

    Steeering Lock Removal

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to remove the steering column lock, I cant take the ignition out because its seized up, i am able to hot wire it to start but cant remove the steering lock to steer, any ideas? Any help appreciated. Cheers