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commdore ve

  1. AJAY95

    Ve commodore 2007

    Gday guys and gals I was thinking of changing some gear ratios on the good ol differential on my VE commodore 6L v8 it is a manual was thinking getting a cheap 3.27 and putting in 3.45 gears is it worth it or not other option would be to put in a truetrac for the more expensive side of...
  2. Aaron Dobkowski

    Exhaust issue

    Hey guys. I've had a 2.5" Catback exhaust with a set of J-pipes fitted to my ve ssz ute and pretty happy with the sound and idle. Only issue I have is an annoying whistle noise when under a heavy load and the revs are high. Any ideas on how this can be fixed?
  3. S

    exhaust systems

    Looking for any tip on how to make my exhaust sound better I currently have a straight line pipe with no middle and rear muffler on although it sounds loud it doesn’t have a good note
  4. A

    VE SS 3.45 diff problem

    Pretty certain it’s diff related but it only started happening yesterday, at low speeds a clunk in the rear occurs when turning sharp both left/right, when turning right up a hill it felt like both were about to lock up but just shuddered. No whine or anything driving or any clunks 20kmh+ Drives...
  5. zak Micheal

    Looking for VE Parts (341N)

    Looking for VE Commodore RH Guard in Color Code (341N) Orange. If anyone have seen this colour on any wrecking yard? I have already search ebay and gumtree for this but no luck. THIS COLOR
  6. JQ417

    2012 Holden Commodore SSV Z series Auto

    Hi everyone! Just wonder if anyone here know any common issues/problems of 2012 SSV Z series 6-speed Auto Sedan with 90000kms on the odometer because I’m planning to purchase one!? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Holdenout

    Anit-lock light flashes when car locked

    Hi all, I have a holden Ve Sv6. Randomly noticed this morning the anti-lock light flashing on the dash. The car is locked. Just wondering is that normal as never have seen that light flash before only the little red light between where the aircon and radio are. FYI... car starts fine, just...
  8. S

    Offset Wheels

    Hi first time posting.. I'm getting a VE ute for my 18th and wanna get a set of rays Volk te37 for them, I want them to be offset but know nothing about wheel sizes or anything like that can anyone help thanks I'll add a couple photos of an example of what I'm talking about...
  9. M

    How do you go about doing a VE Omega manual conversion?

    Hey there I want to convert my 2006 VE Omega to manual but I've had difficulty finding where I can buy a kit to do it. I'm not looking for one of those V8 manual conversions I want to keep the 6 cylinder and just change the transmission also can anyone help me out on how to actually do the...