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commdore vr

  1. S

    Help/advise needed?

    Need advice with vr 90ish commodore engine, Replaced air intake with 4inch re routed pod fliter, No exhaust mods, Dose this cause the engine to idle at 2000rpm even when hot, needs tuning? Throttle cable seems fine, and throttle body appers to be working fine, I work on trucks and excavators...
  2. RorzaaBoy

    How to recon a bosch alternator in 94 vr

    Just bought a 94 vr acclaim, and after driving it very aggressively for the first few days i had it, the battery died, so i charged it and the car died within an hour of running, Im pretty sure it is the alternator but is there a way i can check? And if it is, how do i recondition it?
  3. M

    vr commodore twin tubo set up oil feed question

    Hi guys need a little help im putting a twin turbo set up on my vr ute. Im wondering where people are getting there oil feeds from on there turbo setups? thanx
  4. smurfman

    My 94 white vr Exec Sedan My First Car

    Name: Tyler Model: 1994 VR executive KM's: 242XXX Colour: Standard White Engine Type: 3.8L Buick Engine Mods: pacemaker extractors Exhaust: 2.5 inch lukey exhaust Gearbox: Auto Diff: Standard Brakes: Standard. Suspension: Fronts = SL's, Rears = SL's (King Springs) Wheels/Tyres: WM...