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  1. AJAY95

    Ve commodore 2007

    Gday guys and gals I was thinking of changing some gear ratios on the good ol differential on my VE commodore 6L v8 it is a manual was thinking getting a cheap 3.27 and putting in 3.45 gears is it worth it or not other option would be to put in a truetrac for the more expensive side of...
  2. RorzaaBoy

    What lowering springs will fit my 94 vr wagon

    I couldnt find vr specific king springs, just wanted to know what other models will fit. Cheers
  3. D


    Hey Team; My service history log book has been misplaced. Does anyone have a copy of the service log book. I am required to get it serviced soon at 130,000kms. Does anyone have a photo of their log book showing what is required for this service? Would be very helpful. Thanks so much; Jayden.
  4. K

    VE commdore ute brake lights not working

    Hi there. Im having a problem with my ve commodore where my brake lights will not operate. Things ive done... Checked bulbs Checked fuses. Ran new power to the lights from batt to the module underneath the steering wheel.(which made the lights go so i know all is fine with cables). Ive...
  5. taylorrr

    Will a VY SS bumper and lights fit a VZ SV6?

    I'm looking to replace my front bumper with a vy ss bumper with the lights but don't know if it will fit properly on my vz v6? Would like to know before I buy
  6. Ta Moo

    Spring replace with airbag

    I want some advice, how to cut of the bump stop for my commodore. And where to cut it. For air bag Bolt in to go in. I would appreciate it, if you guy give me some advice and some video or photo..
  7. K

    VY Tail lights that fits VZ's

    Can anyone please inform me of exactly which VY Tailights would fit on a VZ executive or acclaim?? :)
  8. T

    Vn v6 rear main seal

    So i know theres alot of threads on this but I recently done my rear main seal and took it for a drive and its still leaking, wondering will it leak at idle? Just wondering if i can leave it running and watch for a leak to make sure its the rear main [/URL][/IMG]
  9. C

    VZ problem! New Battery, Turns over but no Fire!

    So the car would sometimes go into saftey mode while driving (only when accelerating to about 80km or higher). Then about a week later after taking it in for a service, I lost all power while trying to accelerate. I was travelling 80km and it would go no higher, foot off pedal and it dropped...
  10. Jazzakat

    Battery or alternator issues? VZ SSZ won't start.

    Hi guys, I've done a lot of browsing and found people with similar problems but not quiet the same as mine. I was wondering what your opinions on the matter were or if anyone has had anything similar and was able to resolve the issue. I have a 2005 VZ SSZ Ute. I replaced the battery less than...
  11. D

    Series 1 engine wiring loom, series 2 engine wiring loom

    Hi all and apologies if this has already been posted, i recently removed a motor form a series 1, 97 VT commodore and put it into a series 2, 99 VT commodore, and upon trying to start it i get no click at my starter relay. i know that the wiring looms are different from a series 1 to a series...
  12. H

    My 98 VS ute dumped on ve wheels

    Model - vs ute 98 Colour - White Engine - 3.8 Ecotec V6 about 220,000kms Engine Mods - none :( Wheels - 18 ve ss wheels Gearbox - 4 speed column shift auto Brakes - stock Interior - white dash Other Mods - ultra lows rear, super lows front, tubliner Stereo - JVC Head unit, 600w alpine...
  13. B

    2012 commodore visual updates

    The facelifted 2012 Holden Commodore will come with subtle exterior revisions, as well as two new colours:Perfect Blue and Chlorophyll teal green. The 2012 Holden Commodore goes into production today, ahead of its official on-sale date in the middle of this month. The 2012 Holden Commodore...
  14. pete_car

    [VIC] VR Manual Calais **SOLD**

    ITEM: VR Calais 5 Speed Manual PRICE: Make an offer, will consider swaps mainly for bike but looking at 4500 Ono LOCATION: Victoria, South Eastern Suburbs YEAR: 1993 SERIES: VR BADGE: Calais ENGINE: 3.8 Buick, VT engine Bottom end TRANSMISSION: Manual 5 Speed COLOUR: White over grey...
  15. Longy188

    VZ Rim Size?

    gday all ive tried looking for the wheel size guide on here but it wont open for some unkown reason, im looking at getting a set of ANZ Huski's 19"x8.5" rims for my VZ SV6, and was wandering would they fit? and help please would be great
  16. preston_e

    [QLD] 1992 VP Commodore White Auto **SOLD**

    ITEM: Holden Commodore auto white LOCATION: QLD Brisbane, south YEAR: 1992 SERIES: VP BADGE: Executive ENGINE: 3.8L V6 TRANSMISSION: Auto/ COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Paint is a bit old INTERIOR CONDITION: Missing glove box and broken fuse cover, center console...
  17. H

    Overflowing VY

    Hi I recently purchased a VY and havent had any problems for a week or so, now ever since i turned on the aircon the car heats up and begins to overflow brown transparent liquid. Now even when the aircon isnt on the car still overheats and overflows. Any feedback or comments would be much...