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commo vr vs

  1. RorzaaBoy

    Will vp alternator brushes fit vr alternator?

    I need new brushes for my vr alternator, just wondering if vp brushes will fit?
  2. Jackdaniel

    VS v6 cranking not starting.

    So i brought a molested vs ute that i will eventually use for burnout comps if i can get it going :) Bit of back ground- the people before me have basically striped the inside dash every thing gone only thing left is wiring pretty well. They also had a vn v8 wiring loom connected with plugs cut...
  3. J

    [ACT] WTB vr Buick b6 engine

    ITEM: VR V6 engine wanted to buy LOCATION: Canberra, act CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: $1-$200 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other CONTACT DETAILS: Email, [email protected] OTHER INFO: can be still running or not dint...
  4. Wherry951

    I Dont Know Which One To Buy!

    Ok heres the deal people Im spending up to $3000 which can get me a nothing to spend stock VR or VS in the Sunshine Coast (Yes its true) I dont know which one i want to get though - VR??? ........or VS????? Im looking for some clear get up and go when i give it some Reasonable fuel...