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commodore car advise

  1. S

    Modifying a Commodore

    Currently own a VY commodore. Just wondering what peoples thoughts where on a Jap mod based modded VY Commodore?? Like, 1, Big exhaust, (cannon, straight through etc.) I've seen an adjustable exhaust system where you press a button and it opens up... bypasses the muffler or something (this...
  2. V

    What is my Vacationer worth?

    Ive been looking to sell my VS Vacationer. I bought it a while back from an elderly couple. When i got the car it had just over 70,000km. It now has about 78,000km. Since I got it, I have replaced the shocks both front and back, replaced the Master Break Cylinder and unfortunatly due to the...
  3. E

    What Car do I buy?

    I am looking at getting the VE Commodore - v6. I took one for a test drive the other day and was impressed with everything but the plastic ugly dash and sound system My friend just bought one the other day I am wondering what you all think?? I am looking for a car that handles well, good on...