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commodore ute

  1. S

    VU High Brake Light

    G'Day, anyone know where to find a replacement for the high mount brake light for a VU Ute?
  2. J

    Help me out....Recommended psi for tyre

    Hello..just brought a 2011 ve commodore ute the thunder edition it has the grey19inch rims. I tested the psi and had 25 i read that it should have 36 is this true....this is the tyre info...245/40zr19 98y xl...cheers
  3. barra218

    Cutting hole in ute rear firewall for sub

    Hi guys, before i get attacked for the heading hear me out here! Just wondering if anyone has cut a hole in their rear firewall of their ute for a sub and done it legally (weld/bolt in support frame and had it mod plated) if this is possible. I don't want to hear about other ways to mount...
  4. D

    restricted power to wheels? help plz

    hey guys ive just bought a VU ss ute a couple of months back but between all of my mates ive put it through hell from starting it with the battery around the wrong way to dodging up a VY 6.0 ltr pod filter on it lol, so ive just put it all back to the way it was but there seems to be this kind...
  5. F

    Putting a VQ 5L engine in my VS ute

    Im thinking about putting a VQ 5L engine in my VS ute 1999, just wondering if its worth my while have rebuilt the 5L, wondering if anyone has done anything similar, or has any tips cheers
  6. D

    VS Ute Upgrade- VT interior?

    Hello people lol im new to the forum so bear with me:D. I have a VS commodore ute 1998 model and im trying to upgrade the old dear a bit lol or rather a lot to give it that unique attribute:yeah:. Im trying to work out whether you can take all the dash, interior, computer system, seats ect out...
  7. mosscano

    [NSW] FS - Holden VS III Commodore V8 one of a kind Peter Brock Tribute Ute

    This is a one of a kind Peter Tribute Ute featured in issue 27 of Street Machine "Street Commodores" early 2008. This car has had $1000's spent on it with lowered Pedders suspension, strut brace & adjustable pan hard rod, 2 inch cat back Lukey sport exhaust, VE SS 18 inch wheels (professionally...