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commodore vl

  1. S

    [SA] WTB: VL or VS Commodore

    ITEM: VL or VS Commodore LOCATION: Ceduna, SA CONDITION: Used PRICE: Looking to pay up to $4000 depending on vehicle condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will arrange to come pick up if circumstances within reason PAYMENT OPTIONS: Will pay cash. CONTACT DETAILS: PM, reply to post or...
  2. S

    Would this be a good deal?

    I am looking at purchasing a VL SL with a RB20DET and a 5 speed box, with all the original VL Turbo running gear. The looks and runs like a dream and on 12psi, at roughly 200rwkW. Its overall condition is extremely good with everything working and 220000kms on the clock. It also has a surge...
  3. vl-sl-commodore

    Custom boot ideas...

    Hey thinking about making a custom boot interior for my vl-sl and just wondering if anyone wants to float some ideas im just thinking at the moment about what materials would be good to use i dont want to go over the top cause i only really need to make if for 1000w JBL Audio sub, 1200w Sound...