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commodore vp

  1. L

    How to upgrade my Holden commodore vp executive?

    Hey guys I wanna upgrade my vp don’t want to spend to much money at the moment I just wanna upgrade it’s performance a bit and have a bit of fun gotta start somewhere what do you guys recommend Thanks !!! **edit** Here is a photo 3.8l V6
  2. B

    how to rear wing a vp?

    got a rear wing from a 95 lexcen (3 mounts with led stop light) wanna put it on a 92 vp whats the best way to mark up bolt holes in boot lid? racking my head trying to position it any ideas?
  3. G

    vr manual conversion question

    hey, i have a vr auto and i am looking at converting it to manual, i wanted to just find a vr manual and swap everything over but they are really hard to find. can i use any older model commodores like vn, vp ect? and just get my ecu retuned. does anyone know how the car performs after a...

    Vp commodore

    Hey guys thinking about selling my vp excutive need funds to buy a manual vn. just wondering around what price i would get for it. its not Rego or RWC but from my point of view its in pretty good nic. just had all the relays re-wired, everything works like blinkers brake light n stuff like...