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commodore vt

  1. S

    VT Power window problem

    Hey, long time lurker first time poster. Ive come across a problem on my driver side window where yesterday it went down but would not go back up, then kind of just dropped down. Ive taken the door trim off and have seen a guy with a similar problem saying it was most like due to the plastic...
  2. G

    99 vt manual gearbox

    hi i have searched all over web and cant find a price for a vt manual gearbox i'm trying to post one for sale but don't know where to start please help its out of the 3.8L v6 any help will be greatly appreciated
  3. G

    vt/vy parts

    hey i have a v8 vy wreck so im currently putting motor in my v6 vt but was trying to find if there was any differance in parts eg shocks and stuff or will that all go straight in my vt. im kinda new to this whole car thing but yea. thx:beer chug: p.s also wanted to know if i can put diff...
  4. B

    whats up with the left headlight?

    can u see whats up with the the vt's left headlight? (all globes are in)
  5. djdomohudson

    Smell of petrol inside

    Hey, Today I could smell petrol while I was idling but on the highway it wasn't there. When I got to my destination the smell was back. This has been going on all day. A phonecall with my mechanic said it might be the rubber hose leading to the injectors and I thought oh right no worries that...
  6. djdomohudson

    Mystery wire. Tail lights wire loom [VT/VX]

    Hey folks. I'm left midway through a tail light conversion from VT series 1 tail lights to VT series 2 tail lights because of this mystery wire I found. It's spliced into the wiring inside the boot... It goes through the grommit to the outside and down into the rear bumper. I...
  7. djdomohudson

    [VT-VX] How To Change Your Wing Mirrors (May apply to most cars)

    G'day happy muffin top children and petrol headed nuggets :) I have coveted mirrors that match my paint code ever since I bought my car. I thought the black ones were pretty scum. So while I was out today I happened to spy one and I bought it. Yes, one, but I'll get the other soon. The guy...
  8. W

    2000 VT Commodore - Air Conditioning Problem (Video of the problem in thread)

    Hey, i have an air conditioning problem.. I bought this car with this problem already existing and the previous owners said they took it to be fixed twice. First time they supposedly fixed it, but it never worked, so they took it to another place and they also supposedly fixed it, by re-gassing...
  9. C

    VT commodore write-off & insurance value?

    Hi all, So, unfortunately my car was written off last week due to some idiot blowing a red and t-boning the car. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar model VT and knows what to expect as an insurance payout amount for the car. I understand that they go by market value of the car at...
  10. C

    Overheating Problems, HELP!

    My commodore has recently had problems with over heating the hot and cold gauge is below half but when I get out of the car I can hear bubbling as if it is boiling, it is never after constant driving just after sitting in traffic, is there a problem with the radiator cap? Or something more? Cheers.
  11. tdirago

    HOW TO: install new Head unit into a commodore VT (wiring harness)

    Gday guys, Turned 19 yesterday and my dad gave me his old VT.. Only problem is it has no ipod integration or a cassete player. I've done plenty of research regrading the matter of replacing the head unit, and i found out the installation costs are around 100 dollars. Id much rather save...
  12. JSTCOZ

    Bermuda Blue VT with underbody green LED lights

    Hey guys, Contemplating on getting some underbody green LED lights for $100 put on my Bermuda Blue VT S-pack (no spoiler). My interior has 4 footwells with LED lights and 2 small neons that pulse to music in my car, can see in my video attached. Was wondering if you think i should do it or...
  13. topdzl

    VT door inner seal/belt

    where can i buy new vt door rubber seal/belt online? i looked around but i couldn't find any. your help would be appreciated :beer chug:
  14. topdzl

    VT Aftermarket oil pump best choice

    Hi I need to replace my oil pump so I'm wondering if I replaced mine with an aftermarket oil pump would be any better? and if yes what's the best one should I go for. (it's daily drive) I tried to look for some on the internet and the only way to find some is by searching for ls1 oil pumps. I...
  15. C

    Changing the rear subframe/k frame YAY!

    Hi, I have purchased a VT clubby recently and after sticking my head under the back of her iv come accross some not so wanted expensive damage to the subframe!! 2 nice big cracks and a collapsed bush! anyways what i would like to know is: 1. Has anyone done this themselves and if so how long...
  16. 1

    [VIC] super low rear irs springs & low front irs springs

    ITEM: super low rear irs springs to suit vt, and also low front irs springs to suit vt. LOCATION: victoria, goulburn valley CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: $50 negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will sort out PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, bank payment transfer CONTACT DETAILS...
  17. MattyC

    [WA] Holden Commodore VT II S - Dual Fuel **SOLD**

    ITEM: Holden Commodore VT Series 2 S-Pack Dual Fuel LOCATION: Perth, WA YEAR: 1999 (June/July?) SERIES: VT II BADGE: S ENGINE: 6 cylinder Unleaded Multi-point injected 3.8L (3791cc) TRANSMISSION: 4 Speed Automatic COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good condition...
  18. D

    error code 43, knock sensors help

    starting a new thread think my old think my one died, http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/vt-vx-holden-commodore-1997-2002/126195-how-read-error-codes.html so ive tested for error codes and im getting codes 31,43,92 im most concerned about the knock sensors 43, if any one could advise me as...
  19. L

    Overheating after head gaskets replaced

    Recently had the heads on my VT done up but after re-installing with new head gaskets the engine overheats after 10 or 15 minutes at idle or quicker if driven. Compression test seems OK. Tried running without thermostat but no luck there either. Water pump seems to be working Ok because...