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commodore vx

  1. N

    Radiator fans always on high with AC. Never shuts off.

    So as I said in the title, both my radiator fans on my Commodore VXII SS are always on and on high speed when I turn on the AC. They only shut off a few seconds after I turn the AC off. I cannot use the AC like this, because the fans will definitely burn out, and the fans loom connector gets...
  2. M

    Aussie cars don't get enough love. My review of the 2002 Holden Commodore Calais

    Hi guys, I'm Matt and I've recently been reviewing a few cars. Aussie made cars aren't well represented, so I'm trying to make sure I can review them where I can! Tl;dw - It's a bargain, with great tuning potential from the L67! Share pictures of your Commie!
  3. N

    [Other] Wanted to buy Commodore VX LS1 engine wiring loom

    ITEM: WTB Commodore VX LS1 engine wiring loom LOCATION: Ship to Saudi Arabia CONDITION: Used PRICE: Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to ship to the Saudi Arabia PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal CONTACT DETAILS: PM me through the forum OTHER INFO: it's a 4L60E Auto with cable...
  4. J

    VX Commodore Loom Issues With New Monaro Lights

    hello i am having trouble putting my monaro lights on that i bought today. With the lights i was given the monaro looms, but however my car wiring has me confused and it is wired so i cant just change the loom. Here a photos with my issues: This is my current wiring to my back right...
  5. M

    VX Rear Window Stuck Down

    For a while now my rear windows have had a problem with going down, they're really slow and sometimes don't go at all. Well yesterday it finally stopped working altogether. The button in the back wouldn't budge so I pulled the button apart and it had all this broken plastic in it and putting it...
  6. C

    where to put temp gauges in a vx or vu?

    just wondering where i could put some gauges in my vu that are not blocking my view thanks
  7. A

    [VIC] Vy ss foglights (genuine) suit vx vy vz ss s-pac sv6 v8 v6

    ITEM: VY SS FOGLIGHTS (GENUINE) SUIT VX VY VZ SS S-PAC SV6 V8 V6 LOCATION: VIC Western Suburbs 3021 CONDITION: Used (Great Condition) PRICE: $200 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup or Postage about 13 bucks PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer, cash, paypal...
  8. S

    2002 vx commodore wont start plz help

    we have been having problems with our ignition for a while now...when u turn the key it would start but then go off instantly after a while we realised that if we lock the car and then unlock it would start but today we turned the key and something went click and now the car wont start and it is...
  9. J

    VX fuse box decal

    Hi all seasons greetings to all. I was hoping if some kind soul could post an image of the decal from the engine fuse box for a series II VX Commodore? Many thanks Dogbreath