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commodore vy

  1. G

    remove vy auto gearbox?

    Hey all, ok I am stuck with a little problem and thought I might see if someone can help me out I am removing my auto box I have removed exhaust tail shaft now lol this might be a silly question and I bet it is going to be a simple answer but its doing my head ini have the box supported and...
  2. G

    vt/vy parts

    hey i have a v8 vy wreck so im currently putting motor in my v6 vt but was trying to find if there was any differance in parts eg shocks and stuff or will that all go straight in my vt. im kinda new to this whole car thing but yea. thx:beer chug: p.s also wanted to know if i can put diff...
  3. C

    my VY sv8 custom stereo install /boot

    Im almost finished my 5 sub install on my vy, just thought id share some pics of the process an maybe help someone else not have to figure it out the hard way (this is the 3rd boot design in 2 weeks) but hopefully this is the last one. Its not quite finished, just gotta finish up the carpets an...
  4. aco.vy

    My 2nd girlfriend

    Hey guys, just wanted to show my VY to you :) Started off as a stock as a rock VY executive which i got from my parents MODS: - sound system - SS front bumper - Removed black side strips - 18" VE rims - SS spoiler - Tinted Windows - Seat covers ;) (gets all the ladies) - Niteshade...