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commodore vz

  1. Ashy2

    Vz commodore wiring colors help

    Hey guys, I’ve just bought a Vz, and after putting in a head unit and a sub the battery drains, from trouble shooting with a multimeter I’ve found the control wire for the sub/amp is the cause of the problem. I used an Aerpro wiring harness for the Pioneer AVH-275BT headunit, and ran the...
  2. D

    2005 VZ Calais V8 help to start up

    Hi all, I have a 2005 V8 VZ Commodore Calais it hasn't been driven or started up for around 4 years and I only just got it back, just wondering what I would have to do in order to get it too start up? Much help appreciated thanks.
  3. mohamedelkady

    VZ damaged radiator cap side-effect?

    Hi, I have a commodore/lumina VZ with a damaged rubber seal in the water cap. the water inside the engine levels down regularly, However, the water level in the reservoir tank levels up! Two days ago the engine got hot suddenly. I checked the reservoir tank, the water was almost full but in...
  4. A

    Detailing the Commodore VZ Engine Bay

    Hi there, As you can see in the pictures my rides engine bay has become the dirtiest of it as it can :\ Am planing to detail my engine bay, but before doing that I had a few worries that I need to take care of and some suggestions\help. In the very first picture I've circled in the red...
  5. L

    [Solved] Coolant leak from weird spot (Pics included)

    Hey, So a little back story first, purchased a 04 vz executive v6 second hand with 165ks unregistered. Before I registered it I decided to give to change the engine oil/filter and flush out the coolant and replace with that red nulon coolant that conforms to gm specs and mixed at a 50/50...
  6. K

    Oxygen sensor info ?

    Hey everyone this is my 1st post loving the site! I have an 05 vz executive and have owned it for a month. Very concerned though! I put my foot down and the car feels like its struggling. Its hard to explain, im not the best when it comes to cars and how they work yet! Anyways to cut a...
  7. tHe_sTiG

    How to disable the sensors

    Is it possible to disable all the electronic sensors in my VZ? They're very frustrating, forcing me to take the car to Holden for very minor things, like loose wires.
  8. Weasel

    O2 Sensor replacement for Lumina SS 5.7 (Commodore VZ)

    Hi All, I'm new to the forums and first off I have to say thanks to all!!! I have already found a huge amount of info here. Sorry if what I'm asking is already posted somewhere, I tried searching, there's just so much :D I have an issue with an SVS warning that comes up whenever I just...
  9. D

    Rattling of 2004 VZ Commodore

    Hello, Recently, I've noticed that the car is beginning to rattle and its mainly when the car is stationary. What are the possibilities for this to occur? A friend thought it could be the spark plugs though it doesn't seem right. In the last few days, the temp guage takes a while to warm up...