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  1. M

    Welded diff, honest opinions, answers and installation instructions

    Hey guys, So I've recently put a welded diff into my vt calais and I will be answering a few questions that I see go around honestly, dont forget this is my opinion so it may be different to yours so go easy on me :) also, I bought the diff instead of welding mine because mine was buggered from...
  2. H

    VT Commodore gear changing problems.

    Ok, so I have a 99 VT manual commodore, I have recently noticed 2 problems when changing gears in it. the first one has been doing it for quite some time now.. about 70-80% of the time I change gears i can hear a "doonk" sound (best way to describe it) coming from around the middle to the rear...
  3. S

    vs v6 gauge placement and types

    hey just wanted to know about gauges ive seen a few commodores driving around the streets with gauges on there bonnet and i like them so i was thinking of doing it i was goin to do oil pressure volts and i cant think of a third one that i havent got already it wont be boost becaue no forced...