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  1. J

    Transmission change?

    I'm wanting to change my automatic 2000 series II V6 VT commodore over to a manual transmission. My question is, is it possible to fit a manual transmission out of a 2001 V6 VX and what would be needed?
  2. C

    - My VR Commy -

    -Built not Brought- -VR Commodore Executive 1994 Automatic- My names Dave and this is my 94' Commy. Bought Stock as a rock minus the 19" mags and a cat to tail pipe exhaust (standard tailpipe)...(Had the 19s with standard height was such a 4wd) Originally I HATED the mags but they quickly...
  3. Jaffa

    1995 VS Executive

    1995 Executive VS V6 Commodore currently metallic orange with silver accents on the front, rear and skirts. What I am getting done to it soon... EXTERIOR: Respray same colour (orange) but not metallic with black on the front, rear, skirts, mirrors and spoiler (will be doing that myself as...
  4. DeadxPatriot

    My new SSV

    Hey guys, Names Lex. New to this and just bought a new VE SSV 2010 mod, 17000kms already put 3000 on it lol but yeah, my first Commy ever! Just browsing through looking at peoples mods etc and getting ideas. Just wanna get an exhaust, extractors and a tune done for now. Any ideas...
  5. V

    [Ecotec] Forward facing throttle body setup WTB!!! Help!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a twin or single throttle plenium/intake manifold for my vy storm stroker but I'm having trouble finding any at all :/ I'm after one that looks like the edelbrock ls1 manifold... Can anyone shed some light on my search... Cheers PS no HATERS!
  6. C

    Audio Advice

    Hey guys im new to the site so dont hate on my noobness :) um ive got a VY commodore and i wanna change the system i wanna put new headunit and a sub and amp. any idea of what i should get cause im not that up to date with all this stuff? thanks guys :D
  7. JakeysVT

    My VT Commy

    Model: Executive Mods: 2.5" muffler system, High Flow CATS, Pod Filter, LSD Rims: 19" Performance Rims (unsure of brand) Odometer: 297,xxx Sound System: 7" Touch Screen HU, 180Watt Alpines in front 160 Watt 6x9 pioneer in back with 15" 1000Watt Sub Tell Me What Ya Think :)
  8. M

    My Car Stalls!! Please HELP

    Ok so i have a vr commy but A CONVERSION with a vy v6 (03) engine AUTO in it and the wiring loom is from a VS 97 Model.. The car has pacemaker extractors, 2.5 inch redback sports, highflow cat, 1:9:1 high ratio roller rockers, memcal from MACE, CAI ,LSD, 3:4:5 Gears, but anyway before i did...