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  1. D

    Phone compatibility with the VF Storm SV6

    Hey, Just got my brand new VF Commodore SV6 Storm (totally in love, by the way). Was wondering if anyone out there has a HTC One M8 and whether or not it is fully/mostly compatible? I'm about to upgrade my phone and love the look of the HTC, but I want a phone that's compatible with my baby...
  2. Shhtef

    Rear exhaust pipe snapped off from muffler... help please?

    So forgive me if I sound like a complete novice, I don't know the total ins and outs of the mechanics of cars so don't make fun haha, I'll try explain as best I can. Rear end of exhaust pipe fell off when driving one day, had noticed a sputtering sound for a while so probably was loose...
  3. T

    VR 2 1/4 Exhaust fit VN Vacationer Wagon?

    G'day, A mate of mine has just invested in a 1991 VN Vacationer Wagon. Unfortunately, because he only paid $250 for it, it's not roadworthy. It needs a new exhaust and a tidy up of a small oil leak (I believe). I have a VR S1 Executive, and I was wondering whether my stock exhaust would...