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compression ratio

  1. S

    Ls1 compression

    Heyy all, I am looking to boost my compression right up to make a very tuff NA car, something like a sprint car engine. I have done the cam already with a custom grind cam shaft (unsure of specs) heads have been machined and all head work done! Car made 398hp atw Has anyone ever gone over...
  2. N

    does anybody know the series 1 v6 combution chamber size?

    Hi I have started down a somewhat dubious path of chasing a few extra ponies from the ol vn block. I have some doubts about the compression ratio as i cannot find anything conclusive as to the cc's of the standard heads (series 1). The heads have been skimmed 010" and likewise the block has...
  3. VRV6BT1

    buick v6 increase compression ratio?

    G'day, Just wondering if I put a slimmer or thinner head gasket on the old girl. Question1. Will it increase the compression ratio? Question2. If so roughly by how much? Question3. Is there a recommended brand and/or supplier. Cheers and thanks for reading.