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  1. GIJoel

    LPG dash light with aftermarket Impco system

    Hey all, About a month ago I had an Impco duel fuel system installed in my VT Berlina. I know there's an LPG light on the dash, I'd like it to light up when I'm on gas, but have no idea how to enable it. I'd also like to replace the aftermarket fuel switch, with a Holden one, but I don't...
  2. M

    can someone help me?! (sub/stock stereo)

    hey guys! i was just wondering if there is a way to connect a sub to the stock head unit in a vt commodore? i have pulled out the sub and amp from my old car and i wish to install it into my vt. i have a 10 stack cd player so i'm not too keen on buying a new head deck just to connect a sub...