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  1. DeathSammich

    L67 Fuel Consumption

    I have an l67 with 2 cylinders reading 60psi. I'm just wondering if 2 down cylinders and random misfiring on the 2 would be the cause of high fuel consumption? Averaging around 17l per 100? If I get the cylinders fixed will my economy dramatically increase or would something else be causing it...
  2. P

    Common SIDI V6 oil leaks?

    Everyone under the sun knows about the old ecotec and rear main seal leaks. I haven't heard anything about the sidi engines whether 3.0 or 3.6? Reason I ask is, I have a 2010 Berlina sportswagon with 104k. Oil a nice colour, excellent service history, is due for a service now. No abnormal oil...
  3. J

    VZ fuel consumption 18.0L /100 help

    My 05' VZ SV6 is showing 18.0L/100. out of a nearly full tank i have tripped 250kms. This is not normal, does anybody have any suggestion to as what the problem is? I have had it checked at a mechanics and nothing was found?
  4. C

    PETROL CONSUMPTION - 250km/Full Tank. HELP

    Hi guys Bought my '03 VY SS S2 about 2 months ago, very happy with the jump from a 180sx to this (so far) As I said above, I owned a jap import for over 4 years and wanted something different but for the main purpose of carrying a trail bike, so forgive me because my V8 / commodore...

    V8 with super/turbo charger fuel consumption?

    Hey guys, (searched all over and can't find this for the life of me) Still on my P's but when I go on opens I'm hoping to get a V8 and if i crap money I'd turbo/supercharge it. I was just curious what the fuel consumption is on a charged V8? (model type regardless, just looking for a...
  6. S

    VN Calais - Fuel Consumption on Trip Computer stopped working

    Hi All, VN Calais V6 on straight gas. Recently the Fuel Consumption on the Trip Computer stopped working. The "Fuel Used" does not increase in value and the "Average Fuel Consumption" doesn't change. All other functions on the trip computer are still working fine. Also (not sure if...
  7. S

    Fuel consumption/tank size

    Hi All, I recently bought a 93 VR wagon executive, auto, 3.8. It's sitting outside my place, not starting , and it sounds like it's run out of fuel as I can hear the pump. Now, it's done exactly 405km since last full fill, which, if my calculations are correct (no guarantee!), puts its...
  8. V

    VS III S ute - 14.5L/100Klms: Help!!!!!!

    Help. I have a 1999 Commodore VSIII S pack auto ute (3.8L) with 94 000 klms on it. It is currently burning 14.5L/100klms. Which is killing me given the disgraceful fuel prices, I am sadly looking at getting rid of it for an oil burner. It has just had a major service and is still burning too...