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  1. S

    Steering Wheel Control Stopped Working

    Hi all, I bought a new headunit to go in my VY and i decided to get all the plug and play packs so i dont run into any issues...but Upon connecting everything together my steering wheel controls are no longer working so can someone point me in the right direction on what to troubleshoot? All i...
  2. N

    VX headunit steering wheel control help please!!!

    hey everyone! i just bought a pioneer DEH-X2750UI single din headunit, APPIOA pioneer to control harness adapter and a CHVTXA steering wheel control harness. i cut off the two end connector harnesses then wired the headunit input harness to it but there was two wires (blue and orange) left...
  3. W

    VX/VU Climate Control Conversion

    Hey guys, So I have a friend who is stripping his VX Berlina wagon and I was wondering if it would be easy to swap his climate control unit into my VU ute to replace the standard AC. Also how would I do this best?? Cheers Julian
  4. M

    Dual zone climate control not working

    Hi all, have searched everywhere but to no avail My '04 avalanche's climate control won't turn on, have checked all fuses under the dash and in engine bay are all good, and today I swapped out the controller with a new one but still no good. Someone had stolen the binnacle gauges and cut...
  5. R

    08 Omega ball joint/control arm replacing

    Hey all, new to forums but I think I've posted in the right area, I can only seem to find info about replacing a control arm on older holdens so I would like someone to enlighten me on how to do so. Also, is it possible to replace JUST the ball joint? Or do I have to buy the whole lower...
  6. Z

    VY Steering Wheel Audio Control issues

    Hi, is it common for the steering wheel audio controls to play up on VY's? Replaced them couple of years ago... volume up button broke...replaced them again today and now neither volume buttons work at all.....?
  7. M

    VZ SS Check Powertrain and Traction Control always off?

    Hi guys this is my first time posting so go easy on me. So as the title says, whenever I start my car up the engine light (check powertrain) comes on and then the traction control automatically turns itself off as well. I don't mind the traction control being off all the time but it's just...
  8. Mark Nightingale

    [SA] WTB: VY Idle Speed Control Valve

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/ Wanted to Buy / Trade ITEM: General Description of what you are offering or what you want LOCATION: SA CONDITION: Either new or used as long as it still works! DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will travel anywhere around Adelaide, keen for a drive haha PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash...
  9. V

    Air flow direction changer problem

    Hey all, I have a 2001 vx commodore and recently the nob that changes the direction of air flow (face, feet, front demister, etc.) has stopped working. :cry: It's stuck on the front demister... I've tried replacing the whole cluster but still no luck. Any ideas at what might be the...
  10. N

    vs climate control keeps turning on and off

    Ok about 2 weeks ago i turned my aircon on and it just keeps turning on and off every few seconds (on for about 5 seconds of for the same) does anyone know what could be the problem and how to fix it? thanks