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  1. Y

    Converting VN Buick with l67 + gearbox from VY

    Looking to swap out a Buick engine + gearbox to an l67 + gearbox out of a 2003 VY. Just wondering if anyone has done this and what was needed for wiring/other things to complete it. Possibly thinking of getting a VS l67 wiring loom? Thanks.
  2. aussie1612

    Power steering convert?

    Hey guys. I just bought a vl that does not have power steering. This isnt a massive concern, but im just wondering how difficult the process is of putting in a power steering unit. And do you think its worth it? I have been told that when you convert it to power steering, you lose all feeling...
  3. Z

    Vy/vz calais supercharged on lpg?

    Hey there folks, just want to know the facts, not really opinions on makin a supercharged v6 vy/vz calais DUal Fuel? I know many people would say it cannot be done, or should not be done.... but is it actually problematic? and why so?
  4. K

    toyota lexcen conversion to vr holden look alike

    hey first time posting. just wondering if anyone has converted the front bumper of a toyota lexcen to the holden vr including indicators moved up beside headlights. as i was wondering if anyone could give even just a minor/brief explanation of how they changed the indicators wire wise...
  5. C

    How to convert a 3 seater vs ute into a 2 seater

    does anyone no if you can move the hand brake from the right handside of the driver, to the middle. and if the centre console, c'd and air/con panel wil fit in and will it all bolt up in place???????????? cheers, crozzo