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  1. O

    Looking for a LPG vapour converter, SV6 Wagon VF 2013, mine is dead..

    Hi, n00b here.. I have a Sports Wagon VF SV6 LPG 2013, and my vapour converter is now dead; I took it to Holden and to one more place in Carrum Downs in VIC, and both told me that this part is nowhere in Australia, on Back Order with Holden, ETA is 6-8 weeks... It kills me, I need to work...
  2. Y

    Setting omvl lpg converter on vt?

    Hi everyone. My vt's running a bit rough on gas. The plugs and leads aren.t that old and the gaps are fine so i doubt my backfires are being caused by that. Does anyone know how to tune an omvl lpg converter to get myself out of trouble until i can get it to the gas man? Any good ideas on how to...
  3. G

    LPG backfire issue

    Hey i started my car on LPG by mistake today and it backfired, running on petrol it was nearly stalling and running very rough, i got it home, checked the MAF and vacuume lines, MAF is fine, only problem i found is the vacuume line under my throttle body was disconnected. Since reconnecting it...

    [VIC] [VIC] FOR SALE - TCE 2800 Stall Converter

    ITEM: TCE 2800 stall converter LOCATION: Melbourne, VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1,100 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Keilor East or delivery can be arranged at your cost. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer, Cash or PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: Email -...
  5. R

    intermittent torque converter lock up problem.

    Hi there, I have an interesting problem with the 4 speed auto on a 6 Cyl VL. Basically at random times the torque converter does not appear to lock or randomly unlocks even though my speed is constant (I.E. 100 km/h) It still shifts through all 4 gears but it just does not lock the converter. I...
  6. C

    Costs for a Torque Converter Clutch

    Ok guys as I am still have the problem of the car shuddering at 2000revs (very noticable at over 80kph) and the only thing that it seems is could be is the Troque Converter Clutch, how much would I be looking at for a new one? Whats the cost of a new TCC and what labour charges am I looking at...