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  1. Panda69

    What Coolant are people using?

    Greetings Fellow VF Drivers After some guidance from the brains trust with what coolant to get, as Clarice is due for her Coolant Change. What are people's thoughts using AC Delco Dex-Cool vs Nulon or Penrite? Previous car was a FJ Cruiser and the FJCC forum people suggested avoiding Nulon...
  2. K

    Coolant leak below water pump at engine (?)

    Hey guys I have a holden commodore 92 v6 3.8 automatic unleaded wagon. I replaced the water pump, Thermostat and fan belt 2 days ago and now my coolant is leaking below the water pump but not from it. I don't know if that part is the engine or something else, here are some pictures...
  3. L

    Overheating/coolant leaking issue L67

    G'day, I have an 04 L67 statesman. I've recently had steam and boiling coolant leaking from the left hand side of the radiator near the top hose. Temp gauge fluctuates on freeway to work and overheating happens if I make a detour between freeway and my house (to the supermarket and so on). I...
  4. B

    Knock Sensors Coolant Change

    Hi all, i was just wonder how to get the knock Sensors off my car so I can completely drain my car of coolant, as I'm only getting roughly 3l each time I drain the radiator
  5. B

    VZ slight leak in radiator

    I have a slight leak in my radiator that only leaks when it is driven, so I'm gathering it's only a pin hole in the radiator that pushes coolant out with the pressure build up. It's not a large leak, only enough for it to slightly leak on the radiator, and smell once the car is switched off, I...
  6. B

    VZ coolant leaking from overflow

    I bought an 04 model VZ three days ago, yesterday morning it started to overheat, so I pulled over and made it somewhere safe to top up with water til I got home, when filling the overflow reservoir it pissed everything straight back out. I filled up the radiator, no leaks or heat issues, but...
  7. B

    Buying Recommendation.

    G'day people of JustCommodores. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 VZ Auto Executive Commodore, it is rather cheap and has some nice bodywork done to it. It is priced at $3500 (negotiable), and only has 97,000 kms. I was unable to determine the low price, and when questioned on the issues of...
  8. J

    Coolant leaking problem

    My girlfriend drove my commodore to the point where the engine overheated and shut down (I should have checked the water and coolant levels). Water was leaking from the radiator and I discovered it had a hairline crack on the base. Fitted a new radiator today and as I was topping up the coolant...
  9. Drgt1974

    Vt s1 5 litre issue after new coolant temp sensor installed

    hi to all Thanks for reply’s to previous post Got a 97 Vt berlina wagon 5.0 Was getting fault code for ect unstable (coolant temp sensor) So replaced yesterday along with heater tap that was leaking all went well No leaks etc Lost bit of coolant so refilled and bled with car facing uphill heater...
  10. M

    VE SS overheating

    Hi guys, My 2008 ve ss 6.0L starting overheating after short drives and i could hear a boiling sound coming from the engine bay. Ive taken it to a mechanic and theyve had the car for 4 days now and still cant work out the problem. Im just wondering if anyone here has had this issue before. So...
  11. Adrian's Vr

    Coolant help

    Anyone know if this coolant is any good?(tectaloy XTRA cool gold green coolant concentrate 1L) Ive heard that some concentrates munchs up the radiator.
  12. VFSSBlackLS3

    Dirty coolant dipstick (yellow sludge)

    I have done a search on this but can't seem to find anything consistent on it... Basically when I check the radiator cap, the coolant is clean, red, and consistently full... But Today I was doing weekly check on fluids and other things. I checked the coolant dipstick and found it was coated in a...
  13. jamie tsagliotis

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys found a coolant leak just after what the part is called? Its to the left of the water pump and under the alternator with its hose connecting to the heat tap. Also would it be best to replace the part or just sealing it. Thanks heaps guys
  14. Scruff

    VX coolant

    Got a new radiator not long ago, was just having a gander at the instructions for installation and it recommends using type b coolant(anti corrosive) but everything I've seen for the car says to use antifreeze/boil, mainly nulon long life, just wondering what you folk would say is the correct...
  15. J

    Coolant leak

    Could anyone help me out, took my 2008 v6 ve to a mechanic shop because I have a bad idle, they looked over it and told me that my engine mounts a rooted and need replacing, while looking they reckon they also found I have a coolant leak coming from the 'filler housing' I have no idea what a...
  16. J

    Coolant leak

    Could anyone help me out, took my 2008 v6 ve to a mechanic shop because I have a bad idle, they looked over it and told me that my engine mounts a rooted and need replacing, while looking they reckon they also found I have a coolant leak coming from the 'filler housing' I have no idea what a...
  17. J

    Coolant problems?

    Hey so I've noticed my 2001 vu radiator has been slightly going down after every time I've been topping it up but my resevoir has slightly more in it, I've replaced the radiator cap but it's still happening, I'm suspecting the resevoir is stealing coolant from the radiator, is this meant to be...
  18. S

    VT Commodore Leaking Coolant from sump plug

    I have an interesting one for you guys. 2000 VT commodore, 200k on the clock, started running rough once warm. Checked under filler cap, milky oil. Head gasket was my diagnosis. Pulled off the inlet manifold and the gaskets there were stuffed, however i already had a gasket kit and the...
  19. O

    Possibly a Water Pump issue VX

    Hi all, Looking to confirm - got home last night to find that the VX had a puddle of water dripping from under it. Not radiator or hoses. However, I saw that it was dripping from the front end underneath the serpentine belt off of the front end of the oil sump. Couldn't see any water...
  20. M

    VZ 3.6ltr cooling system woes

    Good day gentleman... and ladies, I bought myself a 2005 Holden VZ 3.6ltr wagon just over a year ago and ever since i've owned it, i have nothing but trouble... Please believe me, i have read over and over previous posts and whilst some have helped, none have resolved or even quiet described...
  21. L

    VZ Alloytec - coolant boiling in the reservoir

    First off, Hi I'm new here. Driven here through desperation, but here all the same. Second, yes I have searched for threads on this topic and found a few, I feel that my issue is sufficiently different so here I am with a new thread. So I've just picked my car up after a service (200k) and...
  22. N

    VY LS1 Coolant leak in exhaust

    Hi everyone, I've got an 02 VY SS Sedan (GenIII LS1) that leaks a lot of coolant. I was looking over the car and found coolant leaking out the join between the flange on the drivers side headers and the exhaust/pipe to cat. The car chews through litres of coolant within weeks, but never...
  23. M

    Pink Coolant; Green Coolant? Holden told me "wrong coolant is in the vehicle."

    My '02 Lumina has actually been a car with all the bells and whistles recently, sharing with me it's check engine warning and alarm. I took it to my Holden dealer to have this checked. They came back that the diagnostic showed up coolant temp sensor has and internal fault. They added that the...
  24. S

    VT cooling issues

    Hey guys, I own a 2000 manual VT S-pack v6 that keeps driving me up the wall with a recent overheating issue, it has been a great car up until now. The temp gauge will get to its normal temperature and then shoot up to the max for about a minute and then go back down again. The car runs fine...
  25. D

    Head Gasket leak, how long before the wreck

    Hey Guys, As I often use this forum to get answers about my commodore, I registered today to ask you a few questions about my personal case, as it's very specific and tricky, I have a holden commodore V6 VX Executive, 2001, that I bought a few months ago around 200 000kms. I drove...
  26. T

    VT LPG heater tap hose question?

    hey, got a 99 vt had a LPG conversion not factory, its a really dodgy setup wiring is ridiculous, whole setup pretty dodgy actually, anyways to the point. I never use LPG ever, but car has been over heating recently just found its one of the heater tap hoses is leaking its the one that runs to...
  27. B

    Vx V6 Coolant Leak Help

    So my coolant is leaking from just below the alternator (3.8L ecotec) and I'm wondering if anyone has had this and knows how to fix it. I'm assuming it's coming from where those two heater hoses go into the left hand front side of the block from the heater tap. But are hidden behind the...
  28. S

    08 Ve ute coolant leak but not from radiator

    Hey guy's, Just stumped after I hit a roo after it jumped out infront of me at 60km, all my coolant flush out on the spot. I've topped up the radiator to find the leak and now there is only a very very slow leak after maybe 5 days, now on further inspection I found the leak coming from around...
  29. Ddridan

    VY LS1 Coolant leak

    Hi guys, I've got a coolant leak coming from the what looks like behind the water pump. I've recently replaced all the gaskets and seals in the water pump and the gaskets where it connects to the block. Any recommendations? Would a pressure test shed some light or is that more for finding leaks...
  30. A

    VY SS coolant/radiator flush

    Have a '03 VY SS 5.7ltr (series 1) and just changed my cooling pump and thermostat, I have had green coolant in since I bought the car and was recommended to switch to the red so I bought some, I flushed out everything as best I could with tap water and then ran some cooling system flush through...
  31. B

    3.8L coolant draining problem

    I am trying to drain the water/coolant from my engine I have removed the 2 drain plugs on either side of the block but nothing came out. There is water up to the thermostat as I have removed that and I can see it in there. Anyone have any ideas what I have to do to get the water to drain? I...
  32. R

    VT COOLANT PUDDLE ! When the Car is cooling - overnight - Anyone solve it ?

    Gday The ride is the 1997 VT Series I - the first one made and put on the road ! Its been a beauty - maintained and served well, except now for a little coolant dribble at 220k on the clock. Been trawling through these pages about VT coolant puddles forming overnight. Does anyone out...
  33. M

    Vt coolant problem broke down

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 commodore vt and a few days ago the gearbox died in the middle of nowhere had to drive it 150k to a garage. It drove fine but when I went to start it up an hour after driving that far the temp started going up to nearly fully hot then down again. I got a tow and got the...
  34. D

    Coolant Leak

    Hi guys, have looked through numerous threads but unable to find one similar. I have a s/c V6 with a coolant leak. When looking at the engine, it is at the back and to the right. I cant actually access or see it from under the bonnet, but can see it pouring out from underneath. Does...
  35. C

    randomly overheated VZ please help

    Hey Everyone Im new here, only posted once before. I have a VZ commodore and usually only do the small trips. Today I drove back from Goolwa to adelaide (100km) drive and my car seemed fine until i decided to park outside my house when the temperature started to go up. After turning my car...
  36. S

    WM V8 Caprice is squealing

    Hey guys, got a question. One of my coolant pipes blew off, the clamp seems to have given way. So I replaced the clamp, drained all the coolant fluid and refilled with new stuff. Now the belts are squealing like crazy!! I've dried them off, cleaned them, getting all the **** off. I've used...
  37. D

    07 VE Omega Coolant Tank

    Hi guys! I've been having a slight issue with the coolant tank over the last 2 - 3 weeks where I find myself having to refill the coolant tank every few (5) days. Due using it as my main business car, finding time to have it off the road is hard to come by but it was recently serviced...
  38. S

    Radiator leak problems, foggy windscreen etc.

    Hey people, Got this vt series 1 commodore last year, goin great. About January I was driving along, then overheating etc radiator bone dry. Filled it up with just water, drive for about 2 months just fillin with water EVERYTIME it overheated. It sounded like boiling noises in the overflow...
  39. M

    Vx ecotec overheating

    Hi guys, Had this problem for a little while. Originally was leaking too so I've replaced the inlet manifold gasket and over the last few months also the water pump, thermostat, radiator and top and bottom hoses. For a few months I've been getting the intermittent temp spikes and drops, tried...
  40. J

    Coolant Leak - Between engine and transmission?

    Hi all I have noticed about 100ml of coolant on the floor of my garage just recently. I have had a look under the car (VU utility) and it seems to be dripping from the back of the engine, where the transmission (auto) is attached. Just wondering if anyone would know what is causing the leak...