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  1. danielnitschke

    WK Statesman Heater/Fan Issue

    Hi All, Got a 03 WK Statesman. The heater seems to have only either two operations that actually do something Off, or HIGH. There is no inbetween (ie. Fan on 1,2,3). Pressing the FAN up and down buttons adds an extra notch to the indicator on the central display, but things only actually...
  2. EYY

    [General] VN-VS & HQ-HZ V8 Ultimate Thermo Fan Conversion Guide (AU/Mondeo/BF/FG) PLUS 120a ALTERNATOR UPGRADE

    Ford twin fans - Wiring and Fitment --> Post #1 Alternator Upgrade --> Post #2 BF/FG Single fan --> Post #2 HQ-HZ BF/FG conversion --> Post 63, P4. Why fit thermo’s? Lately I've found that my car isn't staying as cool as I'd like it to in warmer (30+ degree weather) when the aircon's on and...
  3. N

    VX SS Radiator replacement suggestions

    Hello, my radiator has kicked the bucket due to a dumbass mechanic using tap water when he refilled the radiator (had to replace the crank balancer pulley), so now I'm in the market for a new radiator. I've considered Mishimoto radiator but I've heard people saying that the fans won't be...
  4. J

    commodore boiling over, not showing on temp gauge

    My Vt acclaim series 2 has recently just started boiling over on idle I'm pretty sure. It dumps a **** load of coolent onto the ground and steam comes up through the reservoir, Any advice for this ?? Cheers
  5. M

    issue with cooling system

    Hi guys, I recently bought a 2000 wagon commodore. I had an overheating problem on the road last Time. I have added coolent, it was okay on The road but then I noticed that my coolent was leaking under. The cooling system has many composants and I dont know where the leak comes from. I would...
  6. P

    Ss radiator in sv6

    I am hopefully planning a road trip up north for the summer time and will be towing about 2 tonne, I have a trans cooler to install but was wondering if the thicker ss radiator fits easily in the ve sv6. I know the cooling system is much improved on the newer models and won't give me the issues...
  7. dashdown98

    Thermo/Cooling Fan Not Working?

    Hey guys, I have a VP V6 and the thermo fan isn't working. I'm not an electronic whiz so hopefully someone can help me. When I got it, the fan was hooked up to a switch in the cabin because it wouldn't work, but I realised they had put a 4 pin relay where a 5 pin should be. (Cabin fan didn't...
  8. W

    otr compared to air ram style

    Hi guys would anyone here be able to comment on if just sticking a good brand of pod filter onto the TB would be the same gains as a otr? or does the otr get its gains from being in front of the radiator so it does not get heat soaked? any suggestions or insight would be great :)
  9. M

    ac front vents not blowing out air

    hi there I'm a newbie and wanted to asked how to fix my ac vents for my commodore vt not shore if the problem is the vents or the knob which changers where the air comes out of the air now is only coming out of the window vents thanks
  10. djdomohudson

    So my cooling system blew

    I noticed that every once in a while my car would complain it was Hot and then cool off again. But on Saturday just gone, as I was pulling into a parking space something went *poof!* and there was steam coming out from underneath the bonnet and a big big big puddle of green liquid all over the...
  11. C

    3rd Radiator in 6-8 months! no warning, just pops HELP!

    Hi Guys, Im sure this hasn't been posted, as i have looked everywhere! ok so over the last 8 or so months, my 96 VS Commodore Acclaim has had some cooling issues. first time - driving for about 10 mins, car temp gauge went all the way up to H, very fast. then as quick as it went up, it...
  12. P

    VX Heating Issue

    Hi all, im a newbie here as of today however have been reading posts and forums for a little while especially since getting the issue I have now. Ok long winded story coming up now. I have a VX II wagon, I know stuff all about cars except this week, I have learnt sooooo much thanks to all...
  13. H

    [Question] AU twin thermos in a vn v6

    Hey, I've got a vn v6 series 1, just wondering how hard it is to put them AU twin thermo fans in there? got them real cheap off a mate. My apologies if this has already been covered before.
  14. pau13z

    VZ Alloytec 3.6L Water Pump/Cooling System Flush

    Hi all, I know this has been covered a bit before but I have a couple of questions that I think are valid... I've seen the workshop manual on how to change the water pump, but there are 2 things that I need to know. 1 - When changing the water pump do you need to first drain the cooling...
  15. J

    VY overheating - fan problem?

    Hi guys VY Calais S2 V6 overheating when stopped at lights with AC on - temp quickly returns to normal with good air flow. Coolant levels were good, flushed the radiator, no oil in water or water in oil. Then I noticed only one of the dual radiator fans (left side) ever seems to be going once...
  16. W

    SV6 3.6 Thermostat Replacement

    Hey there, Just wanted to pick everyones brain about replacing the thermostat on my VZ commodore. Ive managed to find the procedures from the holden service manual for removing the intake manifold, and also for flushing the radiator from these forums. Just need to know if i required any...
  17. S

    PLEASE HELP!! Cooling system

    Please excuse my stupidity but I really need someone’s help here.:hmmm: Car: 2003 VY Commodore Wagon – V6 – Dual fuel Cooling works through radiator and engine - ~ 10-12L coolant needed In the past I have been able to change my cars coolant quite easily. Yesterday seems to be a little...
  18. Q

    Thermo fan

    just a quick question, I want to get rid of my clutch fan and put thermo fan/fans on my vp hsv v8, I have been told the vs v6 one will fit on with minor modifications, is this a good idea or what do people usually use?
  19. VK SL 3800

    VK Viscous Clutch Fan

    Ok, i have been informed that my VK is supposed to have a Viscous clutch fan as it is fitted with AC but it doesn't, i know for fact that it has factory AC as the original owner gave me a few pics of it when it was a day old, (not on computer, and i dont have a scanner) showing the AC in the...
  20. D

    bouncing temp gauge

    i have just changedanged my radiator in my vt and now since then ive noticed them temp gauge will sit just on a quater for a while then creep up to half way between quater and half then go back down then back up and so on its a pretty fast creep propably every half a k it will be up then down...
  21. VK SL 3800

    Vk Cooling Issue

    My 202 with the est is having a lot of trouble holding a consistent temperature, during the winter months its fine and always holds the exact same spot on the gauge not matter how you drive. But now that its summer it can usually hold the same temp around town without the AC going but with it on...
  22. T

    BANG! Coolant Everywhere!

    Hey all My misses was parking my VS the other day (I wasn't there) when there was a loud band she said. Steam came out from under the bonet and there was coolant everywhere. The car was still runiing and didn't shut off. What could of caused this. I am thinking (hoping) that she as just...