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  1. Ballzup

    Respray Costs

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of info regarding the cost of a respray. I have a vh SLE that's never been in an accident. Some surface rust on the boot, bonnet and roof. Deeper rust just in the top of the boot jam and the battery plate. One larger dent under the drivers door and a few...
  2. K

    Manual Conversion Costs? (VIC)

    Hey just looking for an update on prices for a manual conversion on a VR? both full conversion + parts and install only costs? Preferably Vic prices but i suppose any state will help also Thanks
  3. T

    how much to fix this ute?

    How much do you think it would cost to fix the chassis on this ute? :)
  4. H

    Surging Automatic Transmission

    Hi, My 2002 Calais is surging and shuddering slightly when I am doing anything over 80 and usually only going up inclines. Dropping down to 3rd overcomes this and when on the flat I shift it back to Drive. First question is what could be wrong and more importantly any idea on repair cost...

    VT Memcal where/who can do it?

    Hey, looking to get a memcal tune, car runs on premium, has hurricane extractors and catback system as well as K&N Filter. VT S-Pack SERIES II V6 Ecotec 3.8L engine. Anyoen knwo a good place in North Brisbane to do them or a person on here that can, Delcowizarrd said he couldn't do a VT...

    Exhaust Quotes

    Hey Guys, Been phoning around today to find out prices on a 2.5" Catback System, straight through centre muffler and no resi. This system is said to make my VS V6 sound a bit more deep and throaty as well as loud when I put me foot down. Below are quotes I've gotten: Right Price...
  7. 1

    VE calais wheels on my vt

    im lookin at puttin some ve calais v wheels on my vt and was wonderin does anyone have any photos as to how it looks on there's? and if i put the wheels strictly made for the ve how much does it cost to put the spacers in so they will fit my vt, thanks guys **** i need help on this
  8. H

    VZ LPG Conversion

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before but i'm so terribly inept when it comes to JC and my car. I have an 05' VZ Exec sedan and was wondering whats the deal with LPG conversion. 1. What is the total cost of conversion after rebate? 2. Is the fuel cost going to be dramatically...