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  1. R

    VEII SV6 Sedan Seat covers

    Best seat covers for ve sedan? Money no problem. Looking for the best fitting covers Preferably neoprene
  2. Jaz11

    Tinted Headlight Covers

    Hey peeps. Anyone have any experience with the tinted headlight covers that are around for most models? Are they Legal? Will the light shine through fine? Do you like them? Im trying to find maybe a lighter tint rather than the following Fully blacked out covers if anyone knows of any (I have...
  3. J

    where to buy roof rack hole inserts

    Hey all, I am wondering where I can buy a cover that fits on the roof where the roof rack would normally sit? It seems the person who had the car before me managed to lose one! Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. B

    [NSW] WTB: VZ Chrome wheel nut covers/caps

    M: A set (20) of chrome wheel nut covers/caps to suit a VZ. LOCATION: NSW, Riverina (But fishing for AUS Wide) CONDITION: New (pref) but can be used in good condition PRICE: $70 for the set + post DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay freight PAYMENT OPTIONS: PayPal, Direct...
  5. speed__demond

    genuine headlight covers

    what are genuine headlight covers for a vr ORDERED FROM HOLDEN worth?