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  1. S

    Intake mods Alloytec

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this, but I haven't been able to find one. Just bought a VZ Exec. wagon (175kw), and was wanting to up the power a bit. Unfortunatley, due to the missus being in her P's, I'm limited as to what I can do (have to keep it 130kw/t). One idea I've been playing...
  2. Revhigh

    VZ V6 Alloytec 190 SV6 & Executive 175 Stealth Controllers (Throttle Boosters)

    For the VZ V6 guys that are sick of throttle lag, these suit the Holden VZ V6 High Feature Alloytec now. Revhigh Checkout the reviews on our facebook page!! :) https://www.facebook.com/revhigh.obsessions.5/?fref=ts
  3. V

    cpr6 manifold real life experience and results

    Hey guys, I've got the SV6 Adventra, handles well has a nice bit of grunt but on the down side likes a good drink. I was looking at ways to reduce fuel consumption and read about Performance Manifolds CPR6, adds about another 10% rwkw and reduces your fuel consumption to 8.6 km/100...
  4. G

    Cpr6 intake manifold

    I just bought a cpr6 manifold for my vz commodore and i want to do some airbrush work to it and was wondering if anyone knows wether you can grind and polish the lines off the centre without damaging the acual intake?
  5. Mattde

    [NSW] WTB: CPR6 Manifold for VZ (SYD)

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: CPR6 Manifold. LOCATION: YOUR State and Region CONDITION: New or more likely- Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer to arrange pickup (sydney area) Postage possible though. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash? CONTACT DETAILS: PM me! OTHER INFO: Thats...
  6. V SPEC

    My VE Calais V

    Thought I may as well throw my ride up on here also. '08 VE Calais V V6 Alloytec 195 Auto 5 sp Go Fast Bits MACE Remote Tune CPR 6 upper intake manifold Orssom OTR intake Pacemaker extractors, Hi-flow cats, 2.5" X-Force S/S cat back RX performance catch can and breather Other Stuff 20x8.5/10...
  7. Corbs1234

    My VZ Ute

    My VZ Ute - 175KW alloytec Hi guys, finally worked out how to start a new thread with some help from another user :yeah: . Hopefully everything works out with it! Name: Corbin Model: VZ 04 S-pack Ute (175KW alloytec) Paint: silver (quicksilver i think its known as) Engine: 3.6L Alloytec...