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  1. 9

    alpine stereo system problems

    hey guys I have just installed the following stuff into my vt alpine type s 6.5 inch speakers in all doors components in front and two alpine type s 12" subs in the boot with an alpine 1100w mono amp and the speakers are running off an alpine 640w 4 channel amp. once all this was installed I...
  2. F

    Vt calais stereo crackling problems

    I recently put a new mast and rope in my electric antenna motor, now the stereo when playing only plays at a lower volume and when you turn it up it crackles. also when you use other instruments it pops and crackles.... applying brakes-pops and gets louder, each level that you turn the fan...
  3. VK SL 3800

    VK Radio interference

    Hi, Have an annoying problem with my VK's radio getting a mild uneven crackling at idle and low revs, Doesn't matter if your on radio, CD or ipod it still does it but only with the engine running. Its not like your normal zzzzzzzz noise that changes with the revs but more of a clicking or chk...