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  1. B

    VY issue, v6.

    So, few weeks ago brought a 2002 VY. Had issue starting. Replaced coil packs and crank angle sensor. All was well, then it overheated. Changed the thermostat no issues. A few days later, driving over to the other side of city, and the car shuts off. Battery light flashes, check engine message...
  2. S

    WH Caprice 3.8 V6 Crank Groove - Rear Main

    Hi all, Iv got a rear main leak, after taking the plate off the back of the motor I noticed a groove in my crank. Is this standard for a car with 140,000ks? Is this something that has to be rectified before installing the new plate and seal? Cheers Scott
  3. B

    VX V6 Won't Start

    As the title states, my car just won't start. It cranks just fine but won't fire. Plugs, leads and coil packs are only 6 months old. Have checked all fuses and relays as well as just installed a new fuel pump and filter. I thought it would've been the pump as I couldn't hear any priming when I...
  4. L

    What wires to use for a kill switch?

    VX Equipe I've been messing around with my car lately and I would like to put a kill switch on the ignition. The only thing is the videos I've seen for this the engine still cranks when the switch is on. What wire do I put the switch on so that the car wont even crank? Any pictures would be...
  5. L

    Crank seal won't budge

    Hi Guys I'm replacing the crank seal behind the harmonic balancer but I'm having a terrible time trying to remove it. I've drilled a tapper screw in and tried to pull it out. I've run some strong wire through the holes and the damn wire snapped! I've been able to very carefully chisel...
  6. D

    My Vz has sat for too long now won't kick over

    I lost my license about six months ago and had some twat that I know bugger the ignition barrel resulting in steering wheel lock. I've since magically fixed the barrel and now have a functional ignition etc but after charging the battery, I can't seem to get the motor to kick over. I've put fuel...
  7. B

    Vz cranks but won't start every time

    Hey all I have a vz Holden ute v6 auto. My problem is over the last few months it would some times not start.Now it won't start at all really maybe once a day . It will also come up with powertrain light on dash. Here are the codes I have Po261: injector relay control circuit low voltage...
  8. J

    Crank angle sensor???????

    Hello all I'm a new member I have just bought a VS V6 3.8 for the 1st week it ran perfect then one night driving home it just stalled doing 70km/h I pulled over and had trouble getting it started, after about 5 minutes it started so I started heading for home, over then next 30km's or so it...
  9. 1991_Vn2nV

    VY V6 stalling intermittently? Try this before you start spending $$$

    Just posting this up, as I had an issue last night and tried searching here for a solution but didn't get much luck with my problem. So thought my experience may prove handy to others... On the way home last night, I started the VY and before I put it into Reverse, it stalled. Before this I'd...
  10. VNCalais3800

    VN V6 Calais Cranks Over But After Half A Turn Or So It Slows Cranking And Stops

    Hi all, I have a S1 VN V6 Calais that will crank over but after a quarter or half a turn it slows cranking and completely stops, i have tested the aldl via bridging the earth and test terminals and that displayed 1 flash pause 2 flash =12 everything ok. Battery has been charged and voltage is...
  11. M

    Vr running like [email protected],CAS?

    Missus ran the vr dry the other day, towed it home and put fuel in her and she wouldnt start. Fuel pump etc, works, it started again this morning, idled really rough then died, now wont start again. Checked the error codes and got 46 (Crank Angle Sensor), I then checked the fuses, restarted and...