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  1. D

    Key battery missing when car was purchased, car won't start anymore.

    I've recently purchased a 99 VT equipe from my mother, who has upgraded, the key was already buggered and has been taken apart.. so it has no battery, which means no use of buttons, door lock entry etc.. but car would 99.9% of the time start second attempt at turning over. Now it cranks and...
  2. Nessie1996

    1996 VS Sedan V6 - Fuel Pump not Priming

    Car: 1996 Holden Commodore Executive II - 3.8L Ecotec V6 NA - 4L60E Auto Trans - has AC - not ABS Hey guys, I'm just creating this thread so that when I fix it I can let you know what the fox went wrong. So here's what's up: - Cranks; does NOT start. - New Fuel Pump; NOT priming. -...
  3. N

    VZ idles when cranked but won't run

    So my VZ wouldn't run this morning. At first I thought it was being funny because of the cold weather but it just wouldnt run. It would idle if i held the key in the crank position but as soon as I let the key go back to run it would cut out. I tried this a few times, but couldnt get it working...
  4. speed__demond

    help! i have spark and gas but no start.

    okay vr v6 it stoped working a few months back out of nowhere. I have another car so I left it but im trying to get rid of it now so gota fix it. it has spark and I replaced the coilpack anyway but didn't make a difference. I found a broken ground wire above the cas and fixed it but still...
  5. P

    VT Won't start in the Morning

    Every time I go to start my commodore at about 5:30 in the morning it won't start. It keeps cranking but won't fire. It starts first go at any other time of the day except for mornings. Is there anything I can do, to try and fix this problem?
  6. H

    1998 Holden Commodore VT series 1 3.8L v6 No Spark Cranks But will not start

    I was driving around town and the car started to stumble and stall then it finally stalled one last time and hasn't started since, I tried to retrieve the fault codes by earthing pins 5 & 6 but the engine light just stays solid, I have also connected a usb data cable to my laptop and run efi...