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  1. speed__demond

    vr v6 wont start then runs like crap

    Hey I have a vr v6 it was fine. Then all of a sudden wouldent fire up. I finally got it going and it was running like **** down the road. The idle was all over the joint. ive searched the forumsand cant find anything
  2. S

    how did it happen

    ive got a 96 vs berlina and it was driving funny shaking bad and stuff and i realised when walking to the shop my brake pad fell out from my car..? i looked at the caliper and rotor and they are fuc*ed but i didnt think that would usually happen
  3. TrikkBen

    Disgracing Holden one at a time (big merge)

    Hi guys, I came across this full blown tosser on the way home tonight..... I'll let you make your own decisions on this..... hahaha.. This guy should trade in his poor VE for a Datsun... Not only is this a disgrace, it sounded like he was racing Vin Diesel.... Ben