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  1. R


    Hey guys, unfortunately I was in a crash on Friday :( ( I got hit at the back end by a truck and spun out into a concrete wall ) ouch I am currently waiting for all the insurance to go though, but I want to know if you guys think it is a write off as I want to start looking into a new car...
  2. S

    Advice Needed, missus crashed the car.

    G'day guys, Just need a bit of general advice. The missus crashed her suzuki ignis today while parking and tore the front right fender right off. She's got comprehensive insurance on the car. WHat I needed advice in regards to was whether it'd be cheaper for me to take it to a good panel...
  3. Bitz R Broken

    Custom boot....

    so this is what happens when a bullbar connects with the back of a commodore,, commodore was stopped bullbar was doing 60-70k's
  4. tHe_sTiG

    Car accident

    Got involved in a small crash today. Rear-ended a retarded hilux driver. We were on a 80kph road, I was doing 70. All of a sudden the idiot in front decided he wanted to take a U-turn. No indicator or anything, slammed on the brakes at the U-turn. I was at least 5 car lengths behind him. Had a...

    Car accident/write off = (

    Hey all, I have had my car for 4months, on my red p-plates and have just written off my first car. Had a few things done to it (thankfully not too much). Yesterday I was driving home from work and I drove through an intersection (with the green light my way) and an asian lady turned...
  6. Bilbs

    Insurance payouts

    Ok, after some info from someone who may have been in this situation. My brother had his car parked out the fron of his house last wednesday, and his 2000 lancer got sideswiped by some lunitic who cant drive, luckily, he left his details, we have had the car assesed as a total loss, but what we...
  7. Peter89

    After the repairs :S

    A few months back i clipped a parked car cuz of a truck. the problem was the front left wheel got caught (probably cuz of large rims and tyres) and it destroyed the front LHS suspension/steering. It got all repaired for $680, so not too bad. however, driving the car now feels like ****...