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  1. Mattde

    VX Ticking and Creaking...

    So i know this has been posted many times before but i still have no conclusion to these issues. Engine ticks under acceleration, most obvious when about 1.5-2 Revs. Ticking increases/ decreases in speed consistently with how many Revs the engine is doing. Had a service and new oil etc...
  2. Z

    VS Berlina makes Creaking Noises while driving

    This is my 1st post ever. Ive a VS Berlina and I lowered it with pedders springs some time back and I love how low she looks. Anyway the problem is and I assume from it being lowered is ive stressed the steering/suspension/struts a bit. The car when i turn and more noticably on the left side...
  3. S

    power steering creaking

    I have a VR SS and the steering is creaking when I turn the wheel I just had all bushes replaced and a 28pt inspection from pedders and they said it needed a good power steering service but was otherwise really good any help would be appreciated